What’s New

[expand title=”5 / 1 – Big Update! Event calendar, Weather, and more!”]

We added a What’s New page! In lieu of our large site additions, we’re worried that some great and useful site features may get missed by a majority of users. This page is intended to provide information about those new features for those interested enough to go looking!

The first change you’ll see when entering the site is our logo and header update. The header photo is a placeholder (just an old blueprint of the city of Atlanta with a fun Outrun-style gradient over it) until we announce May’s photo contest winner. The logo is a temporary one, but let us know what you think! We’re currently working with artists on finding a more permanent replacement.

The majority of the large updates to the site are accessible via our header menu. The Weekly Planner is now just called the Planner, and includes a Weather Forecast link that takes you to EastCobbWeather.com. Also on the Planner, the pages accessible via the home page’s midsection – This Week, This Weekend, and Every Week – now have live weather forecasts at the top of the page.

The next update is the next header menu link: Calendar. This is probably the single coolest feature on our site. Going to the Calendar will bring you to a week view of our upcoming events! We are working on filling out this calendar, so stay posted. The calendar has powerful tools that can be accessed easily. The search bars above it are Google-integrated, meaning for location search you don’t have to put your whole address, you can just say “Buckhead” and it’ll give you everything near Buckhead. The majority of the views are intuitive, with my favorite being Map view for finding great events near you.

We are then working to expand our “About” sections, we know that these have been, uh, lacking lately. They’ll be much better soon!

You may have seen some ugly random ads showing up on our site. This is an unfortunate consequence of Google AdSense not being friendly with our site layout. It’s not the end of the world, it means less ads at the end of the day and ultimately in manually adding ads to the site we will be able to make them much more tasteful (not too many) and less distracting, such as keeping text-only ads around text and image-only ads around images. We strongly dislike ads in general, but something has to pay the bills for now until we can get some wider recognition!