Inter-Brews Episode 2: Sawdust & Crickets w/ Lucky Yates and Amber Nash

Hello and Welcome to the second episode of the Inter-Brew’s Podcast Series presented by ATL By Day & Unfinished Business.

Lucky Yates & Amber Nash
The goal of each episode is to spotlight local Atlanta celebrities, artists, and residents while sampling some of the best “brews”our great city has to offer.

Lucky Yates
For this episode, we were over in the Grant Park area at Hodgepodge Coffee with the amazing (and hilarious) Amber Nash and Lucky Yates from Dad’s Garage Theatre House.

The Shrew & Davi Gnomes
Amber and Lucky are two of the most recognized Improvisers in the Atlanta acting scene and have been performing for over twenty-years.

Story Time
You may also know them as Pam and Krieger from the hit FX series Archer, which is to return this coming spring.

Seasonal Drip: Costa Rican Terrazu
Partnering with Chester from Unfinished Business with Chester & The Shrew, we had a great time expanding on Lucky and Amber’s experiences as Improvisers, voice-actors, while also over-caffeinating ourselves on some Hodgepodge coffee.

Hodgepodge Coffee
The coffees and lattes were fantastic by the way. Davi does Gnomes’ Best.

Oh Honey Latte, Quad, & Seasonal Drip
Shoutout to Taylor Alan Photography for taking some amazing photos

The Gang’s All Here
To listen to Episode One in the Inter-Brew’s Series with English Nick click here:

For more of Unfinished Business, check them out at:

ATL by Day InterBrew English Nick Jake

InterBrews Ep. 1 – The G13 Experience with English Nick & Sweetwater Brewing

Welcome to Episode 1 of our new ATL by Day InterBrews series, “The G13 Experience with English Nick & Sweetwater Brewing!”

As a part of our focus on local Atlanta, this series will be all about putting the spotlight on Atlanta celebrities, artists, and residents while indulging in Atlanta’s latest and greatest brews. The interview hosts include veteran podcasters Chester & The Shrew from Unfinished Business, and members of our own team. For our first installment, we had the great pleasure of sitting down with English Nick of 97.1 The River and 10 High / Dark Horse’s Metalsome Live Karaoke. He’s been in the Atlanta music scene for decades and knows a thing or two about beer. Check him out at Metalsome Karaoke at the Roxy tomorrow!


Our venue for this podcast was Atlanta’s own Sweetwater Brewery! They set us up with a fantastic tasting list including their new G13 “herb-infused” beer, Tropical Lover, Triple Tail, and Coffee Porter. Jake, a member of Sweetwater’s marketing team, will join in the later part of the podcast to guide our group through their tasting journey. Listen to the interview below to hear why this episode earns the title “The G13 Experience”.

Click the audio link below to listen, or listen at the Unfinished Business page here!

We had a great time and we’re looking forward to working more with our guests and hosts, and making more Interbrews! Keep an eye out for Episode 2!

My Night with “Unfinished Business with Chester & The Shrew” Podcast

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys from “Unfinished Business with Chester & The Shrew” to record their latest episode! I met Chester a few weeks back during an Atlanta United tailgate that was hosted by Reformation Brewery. We nerded out for a few hours about my website and his podcast and decided we needed to join forces for the sake of good comedy.

Unfinished business is a podcast that dares to explore the scary depths of Craigslist. Chester, The Shrew, and Oj search through Craigslist with the goal of bringing you the most hilarious (and often questionable) postings. The most classic type of post the guys discuss are called missed connections. Think Uber driver who found their passenger to be very attractive and the conversation stimulating, but wanted to remain professional so they decided not to uncomfortably ask for the passenger’s number. But then a week passes by (sometimes years) and the driver just can’t get this person off of his/her mind. In a Hail Mary attempt, the driver goes to Craigslist describing the passenger hoping he/she sees this post and connects with them. Sometimes these posts are sweet, often times they are extremely confusing, uncomfortable, and downright dirty. So this podcast is NSFW (which is one big reason headphones exist).

In preparation to record with the guys, I had a listen to their podcast on a drive up to Nashville for work. I ended up listening for the entire ride, chuckling to myself and managing to enjoy the drive despite the fact that I was in a car with 3 of my managers for 5 hours.

Reformation tailgate use this one
Reformation Brewery’s Atlanta United tailgate is a great way to ensure the game is a good time, win or lose! You might even get the chance to meet some cool people that record podcasts.

This being my first time on a podcast, I showed up to the house where they record with no expectations, a case of Sweetwater in one hand, and a tumbler of hot tea in the other (we recorded the day after Shaky Beats and let’s just say my voice was not in peak condition). In order to adjust to hearing myself talk through our headphones, we sat around for a few minutes getting better acquainted and of course drinking beer. Little did I know they were recording the entire time; I just found this out yesterday when the episode aired! (Sorry grandpa for telling everyone about our family’s sketchy past)

I told them the story behind the creation of and my pen name, Elsie Tito. We then got down to business talking about sketchy roommate postings, long lost loves from work conventions, and the need for a good wood-working artist; you know your typical Craigslist needs.

So if you have a long commute you want to spice up, or if you’re sick of listening to the same 3 Spotify playlists at work, take a listen! You can find all of the episodes on their website here! If you want all the details of what I spilled, the episode featuring me and is appropriately episode no.69, so check it out!

Also, do us and them a favor: keep comedy alive by following them on Instagram.