The Red, White and Brews Bar Bash

Is that a Charcoal Grill I smell? Maybe some fresh Apple Pie?

Are those Fireworks exploding in the night’s sky?

Is that a Flag of Red, White and Blue?

Well, we all know what that means: it’s Independence Day.

The day we celebrate how Americans came together in order to counterattack a bunch of evil E.T.s that invaded and—wait, wait that’s the movie Independence Day?

Regardless, we all know what the 4th of July truly means for the U.S. of A.: partying. And to kick off this patriotic weekend, I spent my Saturday at the Red, White and Brews Bar Bash.

Hosted by the Atlanta Bar Tours, this bar crawl was anything, but boring. With the slogan, “Make America Drink Again”, the Giant King and I knew to come thirsty.

The crawl took place throughout the Buckhead bar area and began at the Lost Dog Tavern. At check-in, patrons were given a map, free beads, and a raspberry-vodka comp shot. (It was really tasty too.)


Atlanta Bar Tours’ Crew

Some of the participating bars and restaurants included: Buckhead Saloon, Churchhill’s Pub, Red Door Tavern, Moondogs, and so many more. Each establishment provided complimentary shots, $3-$2-$1 drink specials, or different food offerings.

Once we received our gear, the Giant King and I made our way next door to the Red Door Tavern for some drinks. I got a tequila sprite and the Giant King got a vodka-water. Had to start off easy, ya know?

We then decided to head back over to Lost Dog Tavern for some good music and games. At Lost Dog Tavern, bar-goers had the option of playing either cornhole or water pong. This Gnome Queen had to see if her skills had lessened any since school ended.

While my throwing wasn’t the best, (I play soccer and run) I was able to maintain a solid lead over the Giant King. Until he came back and destroyed me. C’est la vie.


Patriotic Cornhole

From Lost Dog Tavern, we made our way to Buckhead Saloon. Here, we took some shots and ate some tacos while watching Atlanta United decimate Orlando City. ‘Twas a good game.


Buckhead Saloon

Throughout the course of the night, the Giant King and I primarily focused on the $1 shots. I do enjoy some shots.

At each location, patrons could be spotted by their fabulous choices of red, white and blues. From bald eagle t-shirts to American flag stilettos, this bar crawl was the most ‘Murican dream for all to see.


A Game of Water Pong

And while this hadn’t been my first crawl with the Atlanta Bar Tours, it was definitely one of my top favorites. The atmosphere of each establishment, the walking-distance and the overall camaraderie between patrons was extremely appreciated.

To end our night, the Giant King and I made our way to the Elbow Room for their $8 18-inch pizza special. We may have had a little too much of it once we got home.

But hey, that food-coma was totally worth it all.

So have a patriotic Happy 4th of July from the Queen of the Gnomes, and keep the fireworks away from trees mmk?


Atlanta’s Best Fitness Studios by Neighborhood: Buckhead and Brookhaven

Having been a dancer since age 5, I have a slight obsession with the latest fitness trends. Luckily, Atlanta has so many great options for you to get your sweat on! With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the place that’s right for you. In other words, tracking down Atlanta’s best fitness studios can certainly be a stretch! And if you are the type of person who needs variety in their routine, it can be even more challenging to find your favorite yoga, pilates, and kickboxing studio.

To help you out, I’ve created a comprehensive list of Atlanta’s best fitness studios by the type of exercise and neighborhood in Atlanta. I have been to dozens of studios over my 4 years here in Atlanta. I’ve also lived in West Midtown, Midtown, Druid Hills, and Buckhead so I’ve had the chance to visit studios all across the city. I joined Classpass when it first came out (and was only $70 dollars for unlimited; oh how I miss those good days) but I’ve also visited studios not available on classpass because like I mentioned I’m obsessed. So check out my list and let me know what you think!

P.S- If you’ve never heard of Classpass, check it out here! It is truly the best way to try a ton of studios and find your favorites.

Sculpthouse pic2
Check out Sculpthouse for an all encompassing workout including strength and cardio training!


  • Barre
    • Forme Studios (365 Peachtree Hills Ave. NE). I love Forme Studios! The instructors are all very welcoming and the classes challenging. My favorites are the bootybarre and Barre Fusion Sculpt classes.
  • Cycling
  • Kick Boxing/Martial Arts
  • Pilates
    • SculptHouse (3167 Peachtree Rd.). One of the most effective workouts I have ever done, SculptHouse uniquely combines the Lagree Method and cardio training. The Lagree Method is based on pilates principles and performed on a Megaformer machine. This is much more challenging class than pilates though, and aims at sculpting long, lean muscles. The woodway curve is a human-powered treadmill that is designed to be easier on your joints. SculptHouse offers both classes split between the Megaformer and treadmill and full classes on the Megaformer.
  • Strength Training
    • The Forum (3393 Peachtree Rd.). Started by two retired NFL players, the Forum offers seriously kickass workouts! Their Fast-Twitch class is one of the most challenging and rewarding classes I have ever taken.
  •  Yoga
    •  Infinity Yoga (2293 Peachtree Rd.). Infinity Yoga is my favorite yoga studio in Atlanta. I have listed it twice in this article because it is that good. The instructors make each flow unique and challenging, often incorporating arm balances with options that are suitable for beginners and advanced members.
Infinity Yoga pic3
Find your center at Infinity Yoga with multiple studio locations in Atlanta including: Buckhead, Brookhaven, and O4W.


  • Barre
    • Better classes in Buckhead.
  • Cycling
    • Burn (3575 Durden Dr NE). Burn’s spin classes measure your effort (by resistance and speed) and displays your name in either red, yellow, or green on a big screen in the front of the class. Seeing your effort measured simply by colors makes it very easy to push yourself to the next level (or color!).
  • Kick Boxing/Martial Arts
  • Pilates
    • Again, Buckhead has much better options.
  • Strength Training
  •  Yoga
    • Infinity Yoga (1376 Dresden Dr.). Infinity Yoga is my favorite yoga studio in Atlanta. I have listed it twice in this article because it is that good. The instructors make each flow unique and challenging, often incorporating arm balances with options that are suitable for beginners and advanced members.

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