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There are many ways to support us, and every bit of support we get is appreciated and helps us build our reputation!

The easiest way to support us is to talk about our site with your friends and spread the word. If you and your friends go to an event that we recommend, let them know that you got the idea from ATL by Day!

If  you’re reading some of our content and find an article interesting or a weekly planner useful, share it to Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or email it to your friends!

For those that really appreciate the service our site provides, we always appreciate donations! Your donations help keep our site running each month.



Advertising with ATL by Day

If  you are a local Atlanta business and would like to support our site through advertising, we prefer to advertise through sponsored posts. We do post a small advertisement on some pages, but in an effort to keep ads small and contained we prefer not to offer this space to businesses.

We are currently structuring sponsored posts as follows:

Each week there will be one sponsored post, which will be a story describing an upcoming event for a local Atlanta business. This post will run for the entire week (or until the event date), with a set fee for that week. We discourage posts running longer than one week.

The sponsored post will be “stuck” to the front page, meaning it will show as the top story on the home page of the website and category pages (ATL by Day and ATL by Night categories) for the duration of the advertising period. Any visitors coming to see the site’s contents during that period will see the sponsored post.

Sponsored posts will be determined a week in advance, so please contact us ahead of time. Pricing is based on demand, so the more advertisers wanting to make sponsored posts, the more that week’s sponsored post slot will cost.

Our team will write the sponsored post, which may be approved as necessary by the advertiser prior to posting. The advertiser, post and its contents must be in line with our site’s vision of a better Atlanta.

Please contact us to discuss advertising opportunities and pricing.


For Atlanta Charities and Non-Profits

 In the event that we do not have sponsored posts for a given week, we will open up the “stuck” post slot at no cost to a local Atlanta charity or community service non-profit. These include food banks, animal shelters, homeless shelters, environmental organizations, and so on.

The post will operate similarly to a paid slot (see above), but will come at no cost to you. Think of it as our gift back to the city! We still recommend a one-week limit for stuck posts, so we will need a steady flow of these posts coming through. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

For maximum user engagement, we recommend posts be about upcoming events that people can participate in or join. However,  other ideas include spotlight pieces describing the organization’s beginning and mission, or pieces discussing recent news in such organizations. These articles may also be written in advance and then reserved for weeks when there are no sponsored posts.

Please contact us to discuss posting as a charity or non-profit.