Our Team

ATL by Day Zapp Flanagan

Zapp Flanagan

  • Years in Atlanta: 7
  • Favorite Restaurant: Poor Calvin’s
  • Favorite Venue: The Tabernacle
  • Favorite Bar: Torched Hop
  • On a Weekend you’ll find me: At one of our fun events!

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Elsie Tito

  • Years in Atlanta: 4
  • Favorite Restaurant: Holeman and Finch
  • Favorite Venue: Monday Night Brewery
  • Favorite Bar: The Den at BeetleCat
  • On a Weekend you’ll find me: On the beltline during the day and at a comedy show at night. Drinking a dirty martini no matter the time of day.


Audrey Melita

  • Years in Atlanta: 3
  • Favorite Restaurant: TWO Urban Licks
  • Favorite Venue: Fox Theatre
  • Favorite Bar: Ormsby’s
  • On a Weekend you’ll find me: Trying out the local cuisine!


Gene George

Reigning from the Atlanta burbs of Fayettenam (Fayetteville, GA), Gene has called Atlanta his home base 10+ years. He has lived in Morningside, Virginia Highlands, Inman Park and now resides Candler Park. There you will see him sitting on his porch on a nice cool day with his Terrapin “Survival Kit” beer sampler glistening in DEET based spray. Hiking is his passion as he has completed the top ten hikes in Georgia. Additionally he loves all water sports being an avid wake boarder, kayak guy, fisherman, and heady brew supplier while shooting the hooch. On the education side of this short memoir he determined he should owe more money to his Alma Mater, completing his MBA at the same college he got his BBA, The University of Georgia.

  • Years in Atlanta: 10 (Grew up in the ATL burbs)
  • Favorite Restaurant: The Albert
  • Favorite Venue: Variety Playhouse
  • Favorite Bar: Clermont Lounge
  • On a Weekend you’ll find me: Being one with nature and beer

Davi Gnomes

Hailing from the dark crevices of The Locker, the Queen of the Gnomes has an intense love for both pirates and gnomes. Always in tow are her lucky soccer balls, running shoes, and intensely strong drinks. You can find Davi sprinting on the Beltline, playing in Piedmont Park, or just loudly talking in the Old Fourth Ward. With the loving Giant King by her side, the Gnome Queen continues her social take over of the ATL one day at a time.

  • Years in Atlanta: 8 On/off (#ArmyBrat)
  • Favorite Restaurant: So many I’ll eat anywhere
  • Favorite Venue: Dad’s Garage
  • Favorite Bar: If they give me 98% liquor then I like them
  • On a Weekend you’ll find me at: Playing Soccer, Running, and Drinking


Katie O’Hara

  • Years in Atlanta: 32
  • Favorite Restaurant: The Colonnade
  • Favorite Venue: Terminal West
  • Favorite Bar: Edgewood Speakeasy
  • On a Weekend you’ll find me at: Recovering from the night before. Then ready to go out again

Pollyana Joe

  • Years in Atlanta: P – 6 years / J – 8 years
  • Favorite Restaurant: The Optimist
  • Favorite Venue: Variety Playhouse and Terminal West
  • Favorite Bar: P – Eclipse Di Luna / J – Wrecking Bar
  • On a Weekend you’ll find me at: Brunch. Farmers Market. Piedmont/Beltline