Content Guidelines

We at ATL by Day try to encourage an open discussion on our site and social media. We encourage everyone to submit events, stories, and content. In submitting to our site, please adhere to these content guidelines:

Submitted Events:

  • The event must be located in Atlanta or surrounding areas
  • The event must be located at a venue or business (no house parties)
  • The event can be yours or one you found online from another source
  • The event must be available for all to attend. Please avoid posting:
    • Classes with prerequisites
    • Members-only events
  • Our demographic is primarily young adults, so please do not post events geared specifically toward children or older adults (think families)
  • Due to timing and our discretion, please do not expect all events to be posted to the site. We will post as many as possible, and we will only post events that are appropriate.
  • Please contact us to discuss steps for having your event featured.


Submitted Media:

  • Your media can be photos, videos, gifs, or anything in between
  • You must be the owner of the media you submit
    • For pictures and videos, this typically means you’re the one that took it
  • Your photo or video must be related to Atlanta, an Atlanta event, or something in Atlanta
  • No sexual content!
  • Please do not expect all media to be posted to our site! We will post as many as possible, and those that are appropriate.


Submitted Stories:

  • Your story can be about anything, so long as it’s Atlanta-related!
    • Pre-event article about your upcoming shindig? Great!
    • Post about a burger you ate last week? Sounds good!
  • We want to talk about the things we love in this city, not the things we hate. Positive vibes only!
  • Feel free to include pictures in your story so long as they meet our Media guidelines above
  • Please keep stories to 300-500 words in length. We may have to edit longer posts to cut them down, and we likely will not post shorter posts
  • Keep content and language PG-13
  • If you are interested in submitting posts regularly and being part of the team, feel free to contact us!