Opening Night at Nick’s Flamingo Grill

As you all know by now, the Queen of the Gnomes is a massive patron of the theatre. From One-Act Plays to Musicals and Improv, I will see it all no matter the type.

On Thursday of this past week, the Giant King and I attended the World-Premier of Nick’s Flamingo Grill over at the Alliance Theatre.

Written by the multi-talented and legendary Phillip DePoy, Nick’s Flamingo Grill is described as a “play with live-music” performed by an amazing cast of actors. Bouncing between post-WWII Paris to 1950s Atlanta, Nick’s Flamingo Grill tells the story of two ex-WWII GIs with a dream of opening their own “club du jazz” here in America. Along with a Cuban songbird and a “pretty” French Resistance fighter, the four decide to create a “Camelot” of lively music and good food.

The play focuses on various themes from racial segregation to fraternal brotherhood. A unique aspect of Nick’s Flamingo Grill is that it’s actually based on a real place.

“The club was real…my father was in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and would sit-in with his friends and sometimes play there,” explained DePoy.

Located near the old Armor Meat Packing Plant [now Castleberry Hill]; the club was “technically” illegal due to Segregation Laws at the time. While DePoy may not have been able to verify the existence of this mystical, mixed-race club, that didn’t stop him from writing one of the most humorous and heartfelt plays performed on the Hertz Stage.

Featuring ten original jazz songs by both DePoy and New Orleans’s jazz pianist: Tyrone Jackson, Nick’s Flamingo Grill had the audience snappin’ and tappin’ throughout the evening.

The Gnome Queen highly recommends seeing this fantastic *performance not only for the music, but for the message as well.

*The play is about an hour and a half with no intermission and does include some loud “explosions” for those with sensory-sensitivities.

ATL by Night Artist Spolight: ATHRS

This article is by our new writer, Luminous. Enjoy!

Punk Rock electronic artist, ATHRS, born Mike Torres, performed for his second time at Imagine Music Festival (IMF), this year in Hampton, Georgia. The Orlando, FL, native often performs in the Southeast and said Atlanta’s premier electronic music festival is one of his favorites. “I love performing in Atlanta, this is my second year at Imagine. Glen and Maddie (of IRIS Presents) throw one of the best festivals out here and it’s always so amazing to be a part of it,” he said.

Rock and EDM have been in an increasingly intertwined relationship ever since Skrillex burst onto the DJ circuit after leaving his post-hardcore band “From First to Last.” Steve Aoki was a singer and guitarist in the scream band “This Machine Kills,” EDM powerhouse, Zedd, was once a member of death core band Dioramic, and bass legend, Bassnectar, also was once in a metal band. Some acts leave the “rock sound” almost entirely, trading guitars for synthesizers and hard bass, at times only referencing their roots in mashups or remixes.

ATHRS has managed to evolve into EDM while keeping his pop punk influences intact. This has allowed him to create original music that melds the two genres in a genuine way. ATHRS played for an intimate show for a crowd at the Six Feathers stage, splitting the set between his laptop and DJ Controller, and grabbing his guitar to leave behind the booth and rock out on stage and right in front of his audience.

Growing up on pop and punk music, ATHRS says he is influenced by bands like All Time Low, Green Day, and blink-182. He also has a penchant for DJs like Kayzo and Borgore, and says Adventure Club, who played IMF this year, is one of his biggest influences: “I was super hyped to see them! They killed it; it was an ABSOLUTELY epic show!” The pioneers of vocal dubstep put on an epic show full of lights, lasers, and their signature sound, famous for attracting many fest-goers into the electronic scene in the first place.


ATHRS thinks the diversity of sound within EDM music has attracted more and more people to American EDM music and events. He uses his platform to produce a unique combo he calls “pop-punk electronic” with vocals characteristic of punk rock, interwoven with synths, energetic beats and high energy drops. His songs vary from highly rock influenced to more house influences like his single, “Shed My Skin.” During his performance of “Under My Skin,” a cut from his upcoming EP, ATHRS croons about not letting the world get to him before a crescendo of heavy, melodic guitar riffs, with a dance beat picking up to join the melange of sound

“People are hungry for real talent, drive and ambition, and that’s what I hope to bring them. They also get to see [my] vulnerability. I think it really comes through in the music,” he said. ATHRS’ fans, at Imagine or people who want to hear his unique brand of punk EDM, can catch him next at Uncle Lou’s entertainment hall in Orlando, FL, on October 14th.

ATHRS’ latest EP “Pop Punk is Dead” will be releasing soon and a music video for his single, “Rollercoaster” was recently released on Youtube. Fans can find more of ATHRS’ music on Soundcloud, and Spotify.


Music Festival Generic Picture

Inside Imagine Music Festival: Get Hyped for Protohype

The Imagine Music Festival is upon us this weekend, and kicking off some of the hype on Friday is one of our favorite EDM artists, Protohype.

Max Hype, aka “Protohype,” has been producing music since he was fourteen years old. He broke into the EDM music scene after taking time off to attend college by playing at local raves and uploading his music online. Like many budding, young artists in the digital age, his smashing success on Soundcloud was the step that really propelled his music career forward.

“I’d say the song I’m most connected to is “Lights On,” says Protohype. “It has the most emotion and serious message out of all of the songs that I’ve made. I really poured my heart into that one, and that’s pretty tough to do when it comes to bass music.”

This epic DJ doesn’t just spin hit records though. In his spare time, Protohype is hard at work giving back to the community with his charity project, #Puppycrew. He raises money and support for the ASPCA through sales of his appropriately named album, Puppy Crew, as well as fundraising projects on social media using #puppycrew.

“I started the #Puppycrew charity project because I wanted to give back to the community with the money I had been making,” says Protohype. “It didn’t feel right to have influence and money and not be making a difference in the community.I love animals so that was the route that I chose to help give back. ”

As lovers of our fine city, we were also stoked to hear that he loves exploring Atlanta during his travels, and enjoying a leisurely day out. He’s basically a regular guy.

When speaking of his favorite go-to stop in the ATL, Protohype says, “Without question, the Atlanta Aquarium!!! I love going there so much. Growing up in Nashville, I’ve been to ATL so many times…and I love the aquarium, it’s so rad.”

And just like you and me, Protohype is pretty hyped about attending Imagine this year and experiencing all that the festival has to offer.

“The last time I played Imagine, it was downtown by Georgia Tech,” Protohype says. “Now that it’s at the speedway, I’m looking forward to a bigger crowd and a bigger venue. It’s going to be awesome.”

We couldn’t agree more.

If you don’t love this guy already, you might be convinced when you hear some of his sick bass at Imagine Music Festival. Prototype will be performing live this Friday at 10:00 p.m. on the Disco Inferno stage, so be there!

ATL by Day Imagine Festival Oceania

Inside Imagine Music Festival: From the Artists

It’s nearly time for Imagine, so we’re going to be bombarding you with posts. Sorry not sorry.

You’ve seen a number of posts from me with “Zapp’s Picks” for different time slots on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This article is going to be a bit different. We’re going to dive into who the artists are most excited to see!

We spoke with Protohype, MetaPattern, Johnny GoodTime, and Reliquary.

Protohype is known for his heavy dubstep originals and work with Excision. He also started up the #puppycrew project to benefit the ASPCA! He’ll be playing Friday night.

MetaPattern is a member of Masquerade’s Torch DNB group, which is headed by Thesis. MetaPattern will be playing along with Johnny GoodTime and other members of Torch DNB in the Torch X Elevate DNB block on Saturday evening.

Johnny GoodTime is the head of Elevate DNB (at Lava Lounge) along with his wife, and together the two bring the best of USA and UK DNB to the ATL. Lots of acronyms, lots of great beats.

Last but not least, Reliquary is a Trance artist with dance music influences. He uses his music to create and move between landscapes and environments over the course of a set, bringing the right moods and energy at the right time for each. Reliquary will be playing on Sunday.

What about this year’s Imagine Music Festival are you most excited for?


The last time I played Imagine, it was downtown by Georgia Tech. Now that it’s at the speedway, I’m looking forward to a bigger crowd and a bigger venue. It’s going to be awesome.


I am looking forward to a well-planned (for once) camping experience and catching my old Trance legends on the Aeria Stage on Sunday!

Johnny GoodTime

 I’m looking forward to the entire experience and not really any act in particular. After the DnB I’ll be exploring some of the other many big name acts.


That’s easy. On top of the best (in my opinion) Imagine headliner line-up yet , There is SO much amazing local and regional talent on this year’s line-up too! I’ve wanted to see so many of these artists for so long because of their amazing reputations and finally have the chance to! A lot of these people are also really good friends of mine so it’s really cool that we all get to perform at such an amazing festival of this scale. A HUGE thank you the Imagine team for making it happen.

What (smaller) artists do you recommend people check out at Imagine?


I wouldn’t say this is a smaller by any means but the artist i am most hyped for at Imagine is JOKER. Joker is so amazing and a HUGE influence to me. His set is going to be incredible and I can’t wait to witness his greatness. I’m going to flip my shit when he plays “Tron”.


The Six Feathers Stage’s local lineup is absolutely insane! Literally any artist at any time will be guaranteed to have top-notch track selection and mixing skills!

Johnny GoodTime

 Uh – I gotta keep it real and just speak for what I know – but the Torch & Elevate DnB block is going to be fire! We are supporting DNB superstars Ivy Lab, DJ Dara and DJ SS at the Aeria Stage on Saturday. Hope to see you there!


For me, the Aeria stage is STACKED all day Sunday.  If you want to check out some top quality Trance or learn what the genres all about definitely swing by there.  For many, Paul Oakenfold, Gabriel & Dresden, and Kenneth Thomas are far from “unknown” but if you don’t know them yet, you NEED to!  My top pick has to be for Nhexis though.  He’s an extremely talented DJ & producer and is a serious up-and-comer here from the Atlanta scene.  Don’t be surprised when you see him headlining these shows in the next couple years.  Also, don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

Between our schedule series and comments from the artists themselves, we have prepared you to set forth and conquer this year’s Imagine Music Festival.

We’ll see you in our next articles where we’ll be looking into everything you need to be fully prepared for the navigating the festival itself. Plus more from these great artists!


The Cheese Festival Atlanta

Do you enjoy munching on various cheeses and meats from around the world? Do you take pleasure in tasting deliciously crafted beer and wines? Do you feel sophisticated when you hear the word “charcuterie”?

Well then, get ready because the Gnome Queen has the event for you!

It’s the 6th Annual: Cheese Festival Atlanta!

Started in 2012 by Gourmet Foods International, this amazing event brings an assortment of national and international artisan cheese makers’ right here to Atlanta. The event will take place from 5 P.M.-10 P.M. Friday, September 28th at the Historic Fourth Ward Park.

As of now, General Admission tickets include samplings of over 100 cheese and meat vendors, live music from Rachel Baiman, and access to the one and only: “Meltdown Competition”.  The Meltdown Competition features popular Atlanta chefs “grilling it out” for the highly honored People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice Awards.

Patrons can also partake in an education class detailing the history and fermentation process of olives hosted by Divina; a “Pig and Pint” of charcuterie and beer pairings from Spotted Trotter; and finally, the Cheesemaker Unplugged/Uncensored: Meet the Maker. This session will feature cheese maker: Cellars at Jasper Hill who were awarded the 2018 “Best in Show” at the American Cheese Society Conference.

Now, for those of you who want a little bit more cheese-time with a specific drink pairing, then the VIP tickets are just for you. These tickets will include a seat in one of three select VIP-only pairing sessions and a VIP-only item upon festival entry.  The pairing sessions comprise of a Beer, Wine or Champagne option and will have a variety of times offered throughout the evening.

For the Gnome Queen, an amazing aspect of this delicious event includes a portion of all proceeds going to the local nonprofit: Giving Kitchen.  Giving Kitchen was started in May of 2013 by local community Chef Ryan Hidinger and his wife Jen Hidinger in response to Ryan’s stage-four cancer diagnosis.

Giving Kitchen’s mission is to provide emergency financial assistance to restaurant workers and their families while in need. Through the Giving Kitchen Crisis Grants, over 1100 workers have been served not only in Atlanta, but in 47 counties across the state of Georgia.

So, if none of that sparked your interest in attending the wondrous Cheese Festival, then you are not only cold and heartless, but clearly you don’t appreciate the value of cheese, meats, and alcohol.

To Purchase Tickets:

To Make a Donation to Giving Kitchen:


Don’t Miss a Beat at Imagine: Sunday Schedule

Welcome to Part 3 of our Imagine schedule posts where we will review Sunday’s lineup! Check out our Friday schedule here and our Saturday schedule here.

Use this guide as you like to set your schedule for Sunday at Imagine. It’s the shortest day, but it has some of my favorite artists for sure.

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Midnite Panda – DJ

Midnite Panda is an Atlanta festival mainstay with his consistently solid sets. He’s played local festivals since I can remember. Absolutely worth arriving early to see.

Amazonia Stage – Juju Beats – Trap

Juju Beats is a producer hitting mainly rap / trap beats these days. Check him out when you arrive!

Disco Inferno Stage – VIVID – Progressive House

VIVID is a great pick for your first show of the day. Solid progressive beats and plenty of talent packed into one artist, I can’t wait to hear more from VIVID.

Aeria Stage – Reliquary b2b Nhexis – Trance

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Reliquary is something just out of this world, really impressive. Nhexis is a powerhouse of fast-paced trance. Together we’ll all be dancing to some high energy tunes. I, for one, can’t wait.

Six Feathers Stage – ATHRS – Pop/Punk Electronic

ATHRS has a very unique sound with an almost equal overlap of pop, punk, and electronic influences. Boyish and Blink-ish vocals, a slick guitar riff here and there, and fat synths.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Getter – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Getter is one hell of a show. Take one listen and you’ll get what to expect. I would expect Getter as more of a Saturday show than the (generally more chill) Sunday, but I can’t complain.

Amazonia Stage – Yheti b2b Toadface – Trap

Yheti and Toadface have a history of grouping up and tearing it up. Here’s to hoping it’s more of a collab set than a b2b, but only time will tell.

Disco Inferno Stage – Ari El – Techno / Dark

Ari El is going to put on a show heavy in beats and rhythm. Walking the line between DnB, techno, and bass house, Ari El will bring you a show you can feel as much as hear.

Aeria Stage – Nhexis b2b Ryan Michael – Trance

Nhexis will keep you on your feet for your own sake with his heavy and energetic trance beats.

Six Feathers Stage – Whiskas / Fair-Uh – Deep House

Whiskas hits it with deep house and intermingled instrumentals. I couldn’t find anything on Fair-Uh unfortunately.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Oceania Stage – RL Grime – Trap / House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

RL Grime is a fantastic show and easily one of my favorite trap artists of all time. He’s expanded his horizons into more house stuff recently, and it’s still just as amazing. You’re going to want to see this.

Amazonia Stage – Lotus – Jam

Lotus is coming in hot on Sunday night with some solid jam songs, with modes ranging from the ultra mellow to the get-up-and-dance uptempo.

Disco Inferno Stage – Halogen – House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Halogen are an Atlanta staple and one of our favorite local artists, who have earned their right to play shows on the national stage and more. Their originals are only getting better and better, and their remixes are still some of the best.

Aeria Stage – Kenneth Thomas – Trance

More trance! Kenneth Thomas is an old name but the music never gets old. Get moving.

Six Feathers Stage – Le Bek – Dubstep

DJ Le Bek keeps coming with heavy hitting dubstep and house in his sets.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Zeds Dead – Dubstep / Deep House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Zeds Dead are just as solid now as they were back in 2009. Sounds have changed, they’ve experimented a bit here and there, but it’s all still solid gold. And oh yeah, they put on a good show.

Amazonia Stage – Shpongle – Psychedelic Trance

Shpongle is some trippy stuff. Sort of in line with the Amazonia grooviness, Shpongle is the kind of music to make you sit on your buns and take a chill pill.

Disco Inferno Stage – Wax Motif – Bass

Wax Motif will spin house with a heavy dose of bass. I mean, it’s kind of his thing. Think a great house beat, with a layer of punchy bass on it and he’s there.

Aeria Stage – Gabriel & Dresden – Trance

Continuing in the trend of absolutely legendary trance DJs, Gabriel and Dresden are another classic coming to Imagine this year. These two capture emotion, atmosphere, and your mind with absolutely haunting tracks.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Kaskade – Progressive House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I mean, it’s Kaskade. Like I’ve said, probably one of the reasons I ever started listening to EDM. He’s a legend and it’s well earned. When he headlined Shaky it absolutely brought down the house, and I expect even better at Imagine since we don’t have to abide by midtown Atlanta’s noise statutes (boooo). See this show.

Amazonia Stage – Shpongle – Psychadelic Trance

Shpongle is still going strong! Get you some grooviness.

Disco Inferno Stage – Chocolate Puma – House

Chocolate Puma is a duo with nothing to lose. They take an upbeat spin on house with clear disco and 90’s dance electronic influence. A show that won’t disappoint for sure.

Aeria Stage – Paul Oakenfold – Trance

Paul Oakenfold is an absolute legend – and not just in our usual colloquial sense. Oakenfold is a Grammy award winner (three times), and has held titles including best trance DJ and best techno DJ in the world. These are all absolutely deserved. His influence can be seen and felt in modern electronic music and even throughout the pop music industry. Pay your respects and catch Paul Oakenfold.

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Kaskade – Progressive House

Kaskade plays a nice long set! He’s still on.

Amazonia Stage – Griz – Funk / Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Griz is one of my favorite artists – just a dude playing like he’s got something to prove. And he does, time and time again. If you can handle a bit of jazziness with your dubstep, this is the show to see. This is what I expect from a Sunday night at a music festival – grooviness, solid beats, and some positive vibes to take home with you.

Disco Inferno Stage – EDX – Progressive House

EDX brings a mixture of progressive house and trance to the stage, and is a close pick for this time slot. He’s going to – without a doubt – play a phenomenal show.

Aeria Stage – Paul Oakenfold – Trance

Yes, Mr. Oakenfold is still on as well.

11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Disco Inferno Stage – Oliver Heldens – Deep House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I honestly can’t be more excited that Oliver Heldens is closing out Imagine. Now I know that a lot of people will bounce after Kaskade, but they’re wrong. Oliver Heldens, whose label is the namesake of the Disco Inferno Stage’s “Heldeep Stage” name, is a master of the deep house. Stay for this if you know what’s good for you.

Keep your eyes out for our article on Sunday’s shows, and check out the full Imagine schedule below!

IMF Set Times 3.jpg

Don’t Miss a Beat at Imagine: Saturday Schedule

It’s time for Part 2 of our Imagine schedule posts where we will review Saturday’s lineup. Check out our Friday schedule here.

Use this guide as you like to set your schedule for Saturday at Imagine. Good luck – even with this guide this is just a killer lineup.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Amazonia Stage – Zen Selekta – Dubstep

Zen Selekta brings an interesting middle eastern vibe to dubstep. Definitely a unique sound and for the early-comers it’s your only choice. Get there early and get through the line to get your spot!

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Sunday Service – Trap

Sunday Service is definitely a good start to the day, with a good helping of dubstep and trap for your enjoyment.

Amazonia Stage – Space Kadet – Funk

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Space Kadet is ATL native, and they bring some clean funk to this fine city.

Disco Inferno Stage – DJ Kermit b2b Salah Ananse – Electronic

This Saturday we’re going to get some solid disco and groove mixes courtesy of Disco Inferno Stage as it transforms to La La Land Stage (courtesy of Green Velvet). The first act will be DJ Kermit’s soulful beats along with Salah Ananse, and his Afrique Electronic sound.

Aeria Stage – Trench b2b Bad Human – House

Trench is along the lines of a melodic house artist. Bad Human has some mellow vibes worth listening to. Together, this is going to be an interesting b2b.

Six Feathers Stage – Jivea b2b Odysee – Dubstep

Jivea will bring some heavy dubstep to the table. Odysee brings some jazzy disco electronic to the table. This is going to be one hell of a table.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Ra – Metal

A very interesting pick for an EDM festival, but Ra will be playing Oceania and bringing some metal rock rhythms.

Amazonia Stage – Levitation Jones – Dubstep

Levitation Jones will keep it groovy with some outer-space dubstep and bass. My second choice for this time slot.

Disco Inferno Stage – DJ Kermit B2B Salah Ananse – Electronic

This is gonna be a long set! Still the same from 5pm.

Aeria Stage – Johnny Goodtime b2b Skylink – DnB

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Johnny Goodtime is a favorite of ours hailing from the Torch DnB crew. Skylink, on the other hand, is heavy in the progressive house game. A good combo in our opinion and a solid set to check out.

Six Feathers Stage – Don Chido / 450 Panda / Akuarium – Rap Electronic

Don Chido is a DJ that seems to be playing it quiet! Hard to find one of his songs. 450 Panda’s music makes me wonder why he’s not called 420 Panda.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Leah Culver – Electronic/Pop

Leah Culver has made her rounds with huge artists and has risen in her own right. She’s a definite listen for anyone that’s into more of the pop-electronic versus the heavy tunes.

Amazonia Stage – Eoto – Instrumental

Eoto is an exceptionally talented instrumental electronic artist. Don’t expect something like dubstep from this show, but it’s going to be fantastic.

Disco Inferno Stage – Latmun – DJ

Latmun can mostly be seen as a DJ but this groovy house track he’s put out is great. Hoping for more of the same at his show.

Aeria Stage – Thomas b2b Metapattern – DnB

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Aside from being THE MAN, Metapattern is a talented DnB artist worth a serious listen. His livestreams are frequent and great, and his nights with Torch DnB are not to be missed. Again, Thomas, man, how am I gonna google “Thomas” and find you?

Six Feathers Stage – Vandal Rose – Trap

Vandal Rose will keep the wild night going at Six Feathers Stage with his trap beats.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Bear Grillz – Dubstep

Alright we’re now hitting those artists who you most people will know. Bear Grillz isn’t subtle, and does not play. This is going to be one massively hitting show.

Amazonia Stage – Ekali – House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I absolutely love Ekali, and the mix of dubstep and mellow melodic vibes he brings. Forever is a jam, and Leaving is another great, but don’t forget Ekali can hit the heavy stuff just as well. This will be a great set.

Disco Inferno Stage – Walker & Royce – Disco

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Yes I can have multiple picks. I can’t choose sometimes. In this case it’ll depend on the mood. Ekali for the mellow, Walker & Royce for the amazing 80’s rhythmic dance party.

Aeria Stage – Daddydough – DnB

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

YES I CAN HAVE THREE PICKS. Daddydough is another of our favorites from the Torch DnB crew. More DnB, more great hits, and if you’re cruising the Aeria DnB fever we suggest you don’t stop here.

Six Feathers Stage – Babey Drew – Bass

DJ Babey Drew can hit some heavy beats, and has traveled all over. He’s currently mixing on ATL’s Power 96.1 and will be gracing the Imagine stage.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Liquid Stranger – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Liquid Stranger has some, well, liquid dubstep beats that just can’t be beat. The sense of flow and spacey transitions keep everything halfway between mellow and melting off your face.

Amazonia Stage – Ekali – House

Ekali technically plays from 8:40pm – 9:55pm, so he’s pretty much playing until 10pm.

Disco Inferno Stage – Tiga – Electro

Tiga has been around since I was born, and has remixed everything from Justice to Moby and of course has his own tracks to boast. His remix of Sunglasses at Night is iconic, but I just love Bugatti.

Aeria Stage – DJ SS – DnB

DJ SS is incredibly talented, and nothing could show it more than this DnB spin on classical music.

Six Feathers Stage – Mantis & Special Guest – Dubstep

I don’t know is Special Guest is a special guest, or if it’s an artist called Special Guest… But I know Mantis can absolutely throw down. This is a second for me next to Liquid Stranger, and may be my go-to if I’m up to rally.

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Liquid Stranger – Dubstep

Liquid Stranger runs from 9:50-10:55pm, so we’re just gonna say 9-11pm by our article’s blocks.

Amazonia Stage – Jai Wolf – Melodic

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

If you’ve watched a movie trailer in the past 6 months, you’ve probably heard Starlight. and if you’ve watched any commercials recently you’ve probably heard Indian Summer. These are Jai Wolf’s two biggest hits, but don’t think that discredits them at all. This is a high recommendation – take this show as your early Saturday night break. You can throw it down at dubstep shows all night, but when you’re wanting some rest to sit back and juts listen to some good music Jai Wolf has it.

Disco Inferno Stage – Tiga – Electro

Tiga is still running strong until 11pm ladies and gentlemen, get your fill.

Aeria Stage – Ivy Lab – Hip Hop/Dubstep

Ivy Lab has serious talent in the hip hop and dubstep game, I’m looking forward to more of this.

Six Feathers – Midnite Panda – Hip Hop/House

Midnite Panda is an Atlanta local known for always putting on a good show. You really can’t go wrong seeing him at the festival, in town, or otherwise.

11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Adventure Club – Dubstep

If you’ve read literally anything I’ve written about Imagine, you’ll see that I LOVE Adventure Club. I see them every time they’re in town. Butttttt this time I don’t know that I can call them my pick. They’ve been quiet lately – too quiet. It’s a very close call between Adventure Club and Cashmere Cat.

Amazonia Stage – Cashmere Cat – R&B / Electronic

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Cashmere Cat may be one of our only Grammy Nominated artists, whatever that means to you. He’s more than a DJ, and has made his name as a producer so prolific that his name doesn’t even need to be on the track (or yelled all the way through it, DJ Khaled). From producing entire albums, to remixing them for his own sound, Cashmere Cat is a dynamo of sound. I can’t imagine missing this show, especially with how prolific and continuously impressive Cashmere Cat’s recent releases have been. So of course I don’t put “Trust Nobody” with Selena Gomez, “Quit” with Ariana Grande, or “Miss You” with Major Lazer (you get the idea) as the representative Cashmere Cat song, but instead bring it back to Wedding Bells.

Disco Inferno Stage – Green Velvet – Disco

Green Velvet has been in the game a long long time. He’s brought various local DJs to their heights while bringing his own hits to the table. For Green Velvet let’s not forget his famous hit (and the namesake of La La Land Stage), La La Land.

Aeria Stage – Dara – DnB

DJ Dara has a number of hour long sets on Youtube, so rest assured he can fill his set to the brim with massive DnB riffs.

Six Feathers Stage – Mermix b2b Magnetik – Electronic

Mermix doesn’t have a lot of tracks out, but those that I’ve seen have impressed. Magnetik has more of a mellow electronic vibe.

12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Bassnectar – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Well it’s your only option, but who else would you want to see? Bassnectar is one of the all time greatest dubstep artists. You’re gonna see him.

1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Amazonia Stage – Zhu – Pop/Electronic

Also your only option here. I personally like staggered sets like this. But realistically you’re only going to get to see one or the other for each stagger. I’m personally going to be skipping Zhu to see Bassnectar and Alesso. I’m just a big fan of them both, what can I say. Zhu is tremendously talented and his fame shows it.

2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Alesso – Pop/House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I’ve seen Alesso a few times and it’s always just great. What a way to end the night. I don’t really typically think of Bassnectar as being anyone’s opening act, so it’s strange to see someone follow him. But if anyone is fit to close out a night the right way, I’d trust Alesso.


Keep your eyes out for our article on Sunday’s shows, and check out the full Imagine schedule below!

IMF Set Times 3.jpg

Don’t Miss a Beat at Imagine: Friday Schedule

If you’ve been as hyped for this year’s Imagine Music Festival as I am, you’ve been on all the mailing lists and surely know by now that the artist schedule is out! Exciting, yes, but of course this means we all have to make decisions and pick favorites between all the best artists around (and then argue with friends over which favorites are right). Prepare yourselves.

As an aide to your festival preparation, we’re here to give you the cheat sheet to the Imagine schedule. No more sitting around for an hour waiting for Armin to play, we’re giving you the means to keep moving all day and all night (just keep hydrated mmkay).

This is the first of our Imagine schedule posts, but we’ll be doing deep dives into Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so that every hour on the hour you’ll know the best artist on stage.

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Kevin Flum – Rap

Kevin Flum (or K.Flum) is best known for his rap U Mad Bro, but just dropped his Chores EP which is definitely solid and worth a listen. I’d say there’s a solid G-Eazy vibe here if that’s your move.

Disco Inferno Stage – White Rhino – Dubstep

White Rhino looks to be an ATL local which we love here. We couldn’t find too much on White Rhino’s tunes, it sounds like a good way to start a festival.

Aeria Stage – Corey Von Waters – Trance

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Corey Von Waters plays some groovy trance that I think is a good and mellow start to a festival weekend. I expect the show to be a little heavier, but all in all a good show.

Six Feathers Stage – Inflexzion – DnB

On the opposite end of the mellow spectrum, is Inflexzion and his DnB sound coming in from Portland.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Eddie Gold – Trap

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Eddie Gold is an Atlanta native and solid Trap artist, highly recommended especially if this is your first stop on the festival.

Disco Inferno Stage – Exit 9 – DJ

I dunno about disco, but DJ Exit 9 will bring an inferno. Take a listen/look and get a feel of what’s coming your way.

Aeria Stage – Deep Technicians – Techno

Nothing wrong with a little techno over dinner time! Deep Technicians has your fix.

Six Feathers Stage – Stranger Candy – House

ATL artists Stranger Candy will be bringing some house to Six Feathers, so stop by and enjoy some fresh, locally sourced beats.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Zaxx – Melodic House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Zaxx has some absolutely killer collabs and remixes out there, and his solo single Together has a unique sound that guarantees more good things to come. Fully excited to see him live.

Disco Inferno Stage – Andy Bruh – Dubstep

Andy Bruh has been in and out of ATL. Check out a recap of his show at our local Aisle 5 in the link.

Aeria Stage – HEYZ – Heavy Techno

This is a close one, because HEYZ and I love techno. A solid pick and highly recommended show.

Six Feathers Stage – Archmage b2b Zubah – DnB & Dubstep

B2B shows are always interesting, and Archmage and Zubah have two sounds that I expect will mesh for a great show.

Six Feathers Stage – Innocent Victims – Trap

Innocent Victims round out the latter part of the 7pm hour, with some solid bass and trap.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Riot Ten – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I would say Riot Ten will be the first mainstage heavy hitter of the weekend. They’re not a small name these days, but if you haven’t heard of them I highly recommend the show.

Disco Inferno Stage – Ployd – Dubstep

Ployd plays some local Atlanta shows here and there, and is a solid show to check out. He’ll play dubstep of the grime variety.

Aeria Stage – Chris Robert – Techno

Chris Robert is fresh from Chicago to bring you some solid flowing Techno!

Six Feathers Stage – Vitallaz – Trap

Vitillaz is a name that ATL trap fans should be familiar with – talent abounds and this show is set to be a banger.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Oceania Stage – 12th Planet – Dubstep

Disclaimer, 12th Planet actually starts at 9:40pm, not 9pm. 12th Planet should be the start of the names everyone knows on today’s lineup. 12th Planet has consistently dropped awesome dub mixes, and we’re set for more at Imagine.

Disco Inferno Stage – Shlump – Trap

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

It was a definite close call between Shlump and 12th Planet, but you’ll find me at Shlump this weekend. Trap isn’t meant to sound like high hats and wobble had a baby, and in that area I feel like Shlump gets me. Enjoy this music video.

Aeria Stage – Alex Lucas – Trap

Alex Lucas is part of the Atlanta branch of 1200 Hustle who play sounds ranging from DnB, Trap, Dubstep, to house. Searches for Alex Lucas on youtube don’t bring up his stuff unfortunately.

Six Feathers Stage – Eddie Gold – Trap

You’ll see Eddie is also playing at 6pm on Oceania, but if you arrive late he’s well worth the watch. Eddie Gold is an Atlanta native and solid Trap artist, highly recommended.

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Oceania Stage – The Glitch Mob – Glitch Electronic

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

The Glitch Mob is a tremendous show to see, and a true classic electronic group that has inspired many artists to break the mold and create their own sound. This will be an absolute killer show.

Disco Inferno Stage – Protohype – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Yeah, I can pick two artists if I want to. I run this site, I make the rules. Protohype and the Glitch Mob are very different artists – if you’re not in the mood to mellow out a bit, then Protohype is your move.

Aeria Stage – Weiss – Techno

I’m a sucker for good clean EDM, and nothing’s cleaner than some crisp techno with piano. Weiss, everyone.

Six Feathers Stage – Krushendo – Dubstep

Krushendo (what an awesome name) has come out with some very solid tracks. I can sense some inspiration from the likes of Adventure Club and similar.

11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Still the Glitch Mob – Glitch Electronic

Like I said, Oceania has a less-than-regular schedule. I’m doing what I can here to keep things in order. The Glitch Mob is actually running until about midnight from their late 10pm slot.

Disco Inferno Stage – Joker – Grime

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Joker has that grimey dubstep down, and has been in the game for ages with the iconic Kapsize EP. He now owns the label Kapsize, and keeps bringing absolutely solid hits.

12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Galantis – Dance

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I know some would disagree with the “Dance” tag, and argue for more of an “electronic” description following hits like Runaway, but take a listen to their newest hit Satisfied and just tell me you don’t feel like dancing. I have qualms with Galantis for songs like No Money, because the high pitched thing is just not my vibe (lookin at you Marshmello) but they’re going to put on one hell of a show.

Disco Inferno Stage – Boogie T b2b Squnto – Dubstep

Boogie T and Squnto together are one hell of a combo. They’ve done b2b before for some killer results. Heavy dubstep is comin right up.

1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Armin Van Buuren – Trance

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

He’s one of the true greats, and if you’ve never seen him before you’re practically obligated to check this show out. Armin’s shows are half laser, half trance, and half just watching a master perform his craft. Don’t feel like you need to be right up next to the stage, this is a show you can still enjoy from a mile away.

Disco Inferno Stage – Noisia – Dubstep

Noisia have been pioneers in dubstep for the past two decades. You honestly can’t go wrong with Noisia or Armin – if you’ve already seen Armin I’d say opt for Noisia. It’s set to be a wild show with everything from heavy dubstep to DnB to house.

That’s it for Friday. Get to bed and get yourself a good night’s sleep for Saturday’s amazing lineup.

Keep your eyes out for articles on Saturday and Sunday’s shows, and check out the full Imagine schedule below!

IMF Set Times 3.jpg

ICON A Celebration of Rihanna + Sia

Brigitte Bidet

This Saturday evening at The Deep End, ICON a Celebration of Rihanna + Sia will put on one of the best recurring entertainment shows in all of Atlanta. If you haven’t heard, this is a dance party and features performances to celebrity and music inspirations such as Lady Gaga, Janet + Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

Brandon Brandon, host of ICON a Celebration of, greeting the crowd at a past performance

Each month, The Deep End hosts the show and a rotating cast of performers put on a dazzling display of lip-syncing, dancing, aerial arts, burlesque, and sickening fashion to capture the essence of their inspirations as the music plays.  This September, the show is paying homage to Rihanna and Sia–two of the fiercest ladies in the music scene today! Last month was a celebration of Disco and it was AMAZING!

Diego Serna

If that’s not reason enough to come to The Deep End and see ICON then let me tell you the other reason to pull the drapes off the windows and sew yourself a cocktail dress: Shea Coulee of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10! That’s right, Shea Couleé will be a featured performer in Saturday night’s event. If you haven’t been keeping tabs on Shea, she has skyrocketed on both social media and live performances  worldwide since her appearance on RPDR. Shea is one of a few RDPD former contestants that have and will be appearing in WUSSY Magazine events around town.

Michael Robinson

Amongst the talented cast of local performers featured this month are Michael Robinson, Brigitte Bidet, Diego Serna, Dotte Com, T-Rex, Bella Dorado, PhaeMonae, and Porter Grubbs.  But wait there’s more! DJ La Superior of La Choloteca will be spinning uplifting tunes for the crowd and there’s even a photo booth by Savana Ogburn. Every ICON performance is an amazing journey in expression and creativity that captures the BEST of Atlanta and the wonderful LGBTQIA community it possesses.To say “it gave/gives me life” would be understatement–I hope you can make it out Saturday night to celebrate the city and its people that inspire us to come together. Incredibly straight people-friendly and diversity is highly encouraged at ICON.

Melissa Coffey

Tickets are still on sale for only $10 for general admission and $20 for the Meet & Greet with Shea Couleé.

ATL by Day Imagine Festival Oceania

Inside the 2018 Imagine Music Festival – Aeria Stage

Alright everyone, get your game faces on because we are in the final stretch. We’re now about 2 weeks out from this year’s Imagine Music Festival and it’s time to get your totems assembled, ensembles together, and make sure anybody looking for a wristband has one. This year’s lineup is easily one of the best we’ve seen in years, and that ranges from the midnight headliners to the midday artists – there are SO many artists worth catching.

We highly suggest you check out the daily schedule of artists and get your favorites set out – we’ll be back soon with our suggestions! And of course check out our Imagine 2018 Spotify Playlist below. We recommend playing it on shuffle, you might find something you like!

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” allow=”encrypted-media”]

You may have seen our other articles for Oceania Stage, Amazonia Stage, and Disco Inferno Stage. These articles focused on the biggest acts for each stage, and gave examples of our favorite songs from each one. This article focuses on the Aeria Stage, which will have lots of local talent and top performers from the Atlanta area. In general your artists on this stage will be experts in the fields of DnB, Trance, or a something in between.

Now let’s get down to the good stuff. Here’s your 2018 Aeria Stage Lineup, in order of the daily lineup release:




Alex Lucas

Corey Von Waters

Chris Robert

Deep Technicians



Ivy Lab


Thomas B

We think this is the right Thomas B? Tough to know with it being a pretty general name, but my guess is his name is Thomas B-something so I mean, what can you expect?


Metapattern is a talented DnB artist and a great guy generally speaking – keep an eye out for our next article where we’ll tell you all about his recommendations for who to see this festival!

Johnny Goodtime

Another Torch DnB artist, Johnny Goodtime is a DnB artist who lives up to his name. Keep an eye out for his take on this year’s Imagine festival in our next article!



Paul Oakenfold

Gabriel & Dresden

Kenneth Thomas



Reliquary is last on this list, but certainly not least. As a trance fan myself, Reliquary will be right at home on my music playlists. Reliquary broke into festivals with TomorrowWorld after winning their DJ contest. Keep an eye out for Reliquary in our upcoming article!