Inman Park Festival: What Not to Miss This Weekend

Nestled among a thick, green, urban canopy of dogwood and pine, the 10th Annual Inman Park Festival kicks off this weekend.  If you missed the Dogwood Festival, you won’t want to miss this one. And if you approach it like a novice you will still have a great time, but we here at ATL by Day want you to get so much out of it that security has to drag you away. There’s great food, a quirky parade, 3 music stages, a tour of homes, art vendors, and much more. I’ve been going to the festival for years and have volunteered in multiple facets, so here are a few tips and must-sees that I have gathered over the years.

The Parade

So many people skip or don’t even know about this part of the festival. Be sure to catch it if you can. Will this be the year that Inman Park Festival Parade breaks the Guinness Book World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes? This quirky parade is a barrel of fun if you “gnome” what I mean. You’ll surely get a tickle from the gnome-humored signs held by the red pointy-hat paraders. Be sure to bring a blanket or easy-to-carry lawn chair for the event. Additionally, consider bringing a fun-sized cooler for your refreshments.

Note: The parade starts at Edgewood and Euclid on Saturday, April 28th at 2:00 PM . It ends at Austin Avenue in Little Five Points.

Porch Parties

A site to admire about the homes of Inman Park are the immaculate porch setups. During the festival weekend some of these porches morph into a full scale lawn parties. You’ll see full bands performing, moon walks, and, of course, the southern tradition of corn hole. I’ve been fortunate to have a friend of a friend’s brother’s uncle’s roommate throw one of these. The point is: reach out to your connections to see if they or anyone they know is throwing a porch party for the festival. You’ll have a blast.


Look for the The Pickle, seek The Pickle, be one with The Pickle. The Pickle is a food truck that pops up at a good number of Atlanta events. Not so much a typical-looking food truck, it’s more of a stretch, dill-colored conversion van in the shape of…yeah you guessed it, a pickle. While not exclusive to this festival, The Pickle offers the best food item available, the Cajun Chicken Egg Roll. They cut their egg roll at a sharp angle that beautifully reveals every mystery inside. The first bite makes all the following ones irresistible. The Cajun dipping sauce accents this culinary marvel beautifully. My other favorite festival food is the Island Noodles.


Tour of Homes

You’ve seen the beautiful porches adorned with the Inman Park Neighborhood flag, which, if you look closely, you realize is more than just a butterfly. The wings have two faces hidden inside: one symbolizes the past of the neighborhood while the other symbolizes its future. You will get a chance to gather in the beauty of these homes which would make Chip and Joanna proud. (Admit it: we all have our favorite HGTV show.) Whether it’s International House Hunters or Fixer Upper, we all love seeing what people do to make a space come alive.

Note: Be sure to get your tickets on the Inman Park Festival website.


I’ve volunteered as a tour of homes house liaison, stage setup guy, and–my favorite–helping out in the beer tent. The beer station volunteer assignments run out fast, so you likely wont be able to get on it this time around, but there are still some other assignments left. Volunteering is a great way for you to engage with the community and meet new people while enjoying the special setting of Inman Park. The highlight of my time was getting to serve one heady brew to Atlanta’s biggest and best local weatherman, David Chandley. I’ll be serving y’all at the event on Sunday with my raucous local crew. Be sure to stop by and get a pour.

Bonus Tip on Art

I have a lot of art from the local neighborhood festivals in my home. Yes, some of the art is very expensive and unfortunately they don’t offer financing in the form of easy payments. I didn’t pay the listed price for any of these pieces; rather, we negotiated to a price we both found acceptable. Don’t be afraid to haggle! Most of them expect you to and prints will work just fine. Check to see if they can offer or have any on hand. You might have better chances on the last day when the event is coming to a close as vendors are trying to unload their inventory.

Inman Park Festival is a fine event for all age groups and people. There is something for everyone. The kiddos even get their own play zone. This year they are planning even more FREE activities, some of which will include slides, obstacle courses, crafts, a great playground, riding toys, and the opportunity to join a circus! At ATLBYDAY we hope you make the most out of the festival, bringing everyone on your obnoxious group texts with you.

Did we miss something or do you have a tip? Please feel free to post in the comments.





40+ Atlanta Restaurants with $5 Burgers: ATL Burger Week

Lahey is going to have a tough time asking Randy to lay off the cheeseburgers this week. The 3rd annual ATL Burger Week is set to kick off Monday, April 23rd. The burger feast will gorge its way through our stomachs until its finish on Sunday, April 29th. The 40+ locations will stretch from Zesto’s Drive-In in east Atlanta Village to Village Burger in Johns Creek. Here’s the kicker that has Subway shaking in its boots: all burgers in the extravaganza are $5!

ATL Burger Week
Little’s Food Store has some burgers worth the trip!

ATL Burger Week certainly includes some mouth-watering entries this year, with their eyes set on the crown. In it’s inaugural year of 2016, Big Al’s was crowned champ with their Barnyard Brawler. Following in 2017, Flat Iron made a statement with their Dirty South. Atlanta staples such as Little’s Food Store and Grindhouse Killer Burgers will be competing against what will be wildly fun entries from Poke Burri and Sublime Donuts. Additionally, the rules committee will need to watch out for “cheetahs” from the Atlanta night club scene as Alluvia at Cheetah has also decided to throw its hat in the ring. While it is a competition for best burger, the ultimate winner will be the patrons in Atlanta as we feast on heaven between two buns for the low price of $5.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers at Atlanta Burger Week 2018 - QSR - Photo by Tori Allen PR
Grindhouse Killer Burgers, just one of the must-eats this Burger Week!

How many can you devour? Do you need to train by attaching a burger to the crossbar of a rowing machine? Is there a better time to be alive? All of these are legitimate questions when deciding how to get the most out of Atlanta Burger Week. Questions you won’t have to ask include “Where are all these joints?” and “How can I map my plan of attack ?” because we here at ATL by Day have taken it upon ourselves to get you that list and map out each and every location. You’ll find the list of burgers here too! You’re welcome Atlanta. Happy Eating!

See rules and steps for voting here. The list of entries for ATL Burger Week:

  • Alluvia at Cheetah
  • Argosy
  • Babalu Tapas & Tacos
  • Bantam Pub
  • Big Tex
  • Black Bear Tavern
  • Cala Bar
  • City Winery
  • Dakota Blue
  • Dark Horse Tavern
  • Farm Burger Buckhead
  • Farm Burger Decatur
  • Farm Burger Dunwoody
  • Farm Burger Grant Park
  • Graveyard Tavern
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Decatur
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Memorial Drive
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Piedmont
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Sweet Auburn
  • Grub Burger Bar Akers Mill
  • Grub Burger Bar Druid Hills
  • HOBNOB Brookhaven
  • HOBNOB Midtown
  • The Imperial
  • Little’s Food Store
  • Madre Mason
  • Midway Pub
  • Neighbor’s Pub
  • Ormsby’s
  • Poke Burri
  • Publik Draft House
  • Smith’s Olde Bar
  • Square Pub
  • Sublime Doughnuts
  • The Glenwood
  • Torched Hop Brewing Company
  • Village Burger Dunwoody
  • Village Burger John’s Creek
  • Village Burger Tucker
  • Zesto EAV
  • Zesto Little 5
  • Zesto Piedmont
Ponce City Market The Shed

Ponce City Farmer’s Market Kicks Off

Ponce City Market’s new Farmer’s Market launched this past Tuesday in typical PCM fashion. I’m talking about the boutique, niche, yet somehow “gotta have it” qualities of basically everything Ponce City has to offer. Of course, the market is also adjacent to the Beltline, so you’re going to get the expected joggers, fitness enthusiasts, and family crowds strolling by. These two worlds coming together create a small ecosystem under the Shed, which is unlike any Farmer’s Market I’ve seen to date.

The Ponce City Farmer’s Market is held in the Shed, between PCM and the Beltline. Getting to the Shed can be a bit of a hassle for people who don’t already know what it Shed is. I also imagine there’s a wealth of people that have been to the Beltline, have been to PCM, and have physically BEEN IN the Shed, and yet still have no damn clue what the Shed is. The Shed is as pictured below – the stainless steel awning structure outside the walkway that runs between the Beltine and PCM’s 2nd floor. In my opinion, it’s more Beltline than PCM, so I would suggest anyone going there to take the scenic route along the Beltline.

Ponce City Market The Shed
The Shed at Ponce City Market can be tough to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

I took advantage of a parking promotion from Mountain High Outfitters, and then took some shortcuts through two parking decks to emerge into daylight right outside the Shed. It’s a route I didn’t mind…but wouldn’t recommend. You could also take the scenic PCM path, going up to the 2nd floor and then along the walkway to the Beltline.

In terms of atmosphere, this Farmer’s Market has a very similar feel as the rest of Ponce City Market. Compared to your typical Piedmont Park Green Market or Freedom Farmer’s Market where you would come to do your week’s grocery shopping – and maybe peruse some artisanal goods – the PCM Farmer’s Market is more of a boutique destination. This is no different from the rest of Ponce City Market; with its H&F Burger stand, Cookie Dough bar, and numerous high fashion shops, PCM prides itself on its boutique image. This blends nicely with the Beltline’s atmosphere as there is a yoga class adjacent to the market and runners passing by throughout the market’s peak hours.

The Whole Dog Market
Dog treats galore at the whole dog market! I got my pup some beef chewies.

The vendors at the PCM Farmer’s Market include some you’ll see at other markets around town, such as Proof Bake Shop, Levity Farms, and Formaggio Cheeses, as well as some new faces including The Whole Dog Market, So Good Pasta, Golda Kombucha, and King of Pops. In addition to great vendors, the market had a small petting zoo (goats!) from The Living Gift Market, a Chef Sampler, and a children’s play area. The Chef Sampler was particularly interesting, with a delicious grilled cheese sampler on the menu comprised of ingredients from various vendors at the market that day, like cheese from Formaggio and Levity kale!

Although these are all great vendors we’ve come to love, I did notice some food groups missing from what I would expect at a complete market, such as meats and deeper selections of fruits and vegetables. So my assessment is this: this is not the Farmer’s Market for your day-to-day grocery shopping. This is, again, in line with my assessment for the rest of PCM; it’s an ideal location to enjoy a night out, eat some great food, and indulge in some high-style shopping but I would not consider it a reasonable daily shopping destination for the average Atlanta resident.

Ponce City Market Opening Day
Eating Local at Ponce City Farmer’s Market!

The prices at the PCM Farmer’s Market were more reasonable than most of PCM, but its selection was too small to be a complete grocery solution. My hope is that as the Farmer’s Market goes on, it will gain more popularity and attract a variety of vendors. In its current form, I would highly recommend the Ponce City Farmer’s Market to anyone in the area, strolling the Beltline, or exploring Ponce City Market that wants to try something new and different. I would also recommend it as a trip for anyone living in nearby apartments who may want a change-up from their usual grocery chains.

Personally, I enjoyed my trip! It was a nice after-work stop to relax and explore, and I picked up some great food. For myself, I purchased some pasta from So Good Pasta, an up-and-coming local pasta company. For my pup, I picked up some beef treats from The Whole Dog Market. We both ate well!

So Good Pasta Ravioli
Dinner was a delicious Four Cheese Ravioli from So Good Pasta, complete with cooking instructions!

So come check out the Ponce City Market Farmer’s Market, enjoy the views, and get some great food. We don’t recommend it as your one-stop-shop grocery destination, but if you’re already in that boutique PCM mindset, you’re in for a treat. Vendors take card and cash, and double EBT if you’re on SNAP.

We hope to see you there!

Rain or Shine, Stay Fed with the Freedom Farmer’s Market

I try to avoid going grocery shopping when I’m hungry, but as soon as I see the baked goods section at the grocery store, that notion pretty much goes out the window. It’s tempting to get a chicken tender sub at Publix or hoard Costco samples until they beg you to leave, but for those that want fresh, organic foods, those aren’t a great option.

If you want fresh, organic foods, farmer’s markets are your best option. They have local, humane produce, great people, and – if it’s well organized – a pleasant atmosphere to take it all in. In the perimeter, there are a few different options: the Green Market in Piedmont Park, the Decatur Farmer’s Market, and the Freedom Farmer’s Market. All of these markets are great venues to shop and pick up your weekly groceries, meet people, and grab a meal, but what makes the Freedom Farmer’s Market special?

ATL by Day Freedom Farmers Market Vendors
Customers shop at the Freedom Farmers Market, rain or shine

Local farmers and vendors show up at the Freedom Farmer’s Market at around 7am (rain or shine) to begin setup with the help of local volunteers and long-time organizer Holly Hollingsworth. Holly has been organizing markets like this for 15 years, and her experience shows. By 9am, small crews have set up roughly 25 tents for vendors, a bike valet, picnic benches, a children’s tent, and a small pop-up restaurant. All these amenities, live music, and wonderful people make the atmosphere worth the trip any Saturday.

ATL by Day Freedom Farmers Market Riverview Farms
Riverview Farms provides locals with humane organic meat

Freedom Farmer’s Market has tons of fresh produce from local farms including Woodland Gardens, Rise n Shine Organic Farm, Riverview Farms Meats, Watsonia Peaches, and Hickory Hill Farm. Once you’ve had your fill of fruits and vegetables, you can browse other stands such as Proof Bake Shop, Dayspring Dairy, Treehouse Milk, and Piedmont Provisions.

The farmers are obviously the backbone of the market, but what makes the Freedom Farmer’s Market unique is the local pop up restaurant that will keep you fed (and damn well) while you shop. Each week has a different restaurant, so there’s always something new to try.

ATL by Day Freedom Farmers Market Rise and Shine Galette
Rise and Shine makes a great galette!

Today’s pop up restaurant is Rise and Shine. They’re making a phenomenal Riverview ham and cheese galette (think crepe) made with gluten free buckwheat flour, topped with a fried egg. Sweet baby Jesus this thing was delicious. I had to get two because the first one looked so good that I ate it without taking a picture first. I completed the meal with some fresh coffee from 1000 Faces Coffee, just a few steps away!

ATL by Day Freedom Farmers Market 1000 Faces Coffee
Hot coffee is the perfect treat on a rainy morning

The prices are reasonable and the food is great. Vendors take cash or tokens (few take credit). Tokens are cash equivalent, so you get 10 tokens for $10. They’ll also double your EBT if you’re on SNAP.

ATL by Day Freedom Farmers Market Tokens
Tokens are the currency of choice at the Freedom Farmer’s Market

So come by, say ‘hi’ to Holly and all the friendly folk, and pick up your week’s groceries and a delicious lunch. The market is open every Saturday from 9am-1pm at the Carter Center Library. Look for signs along Freedom Parkway, there’s plenty of parking for everyone.

I hope to see yall there!