Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is opening their first Atlanta location this Thursday!

What was once a Phillips 66 gas station, and later a laundromat, will now become home to Atlanta’s first Hattie B’s hot chicken joint, reigning from the Music City of Nashville. In 2012, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken first opened their doors in Nashville, and now their newest location will be opening in Little Five Points, just a short walk from the center of the entertainment district! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about going for a bite to eat before enjoying a concert or show at Star Bar, Variety Playhouse, 7 Stages, or Horizon Theatre! What’s even better is that the new digs will boast a large outdoor seating area where patrons can enjoy locally crafted draft brews and take in the view of the hip, and affectionately grungy, Little Five Points scene.

You can all but guarantee the chicken will come hot, but most importantly delicious! All of Hattie B’s locations have a Yelp aggregate review of four stars or more with three of their locations receiving the coveted 4.5 stars! Their main dish, the breast and wing quarter, comes in six different choices of heat, ranging from “southern” (no heat) to “shut the cluck up” (extra hot)! Each plate comes with two sides which start at the fair price of $9.00. If you don’t like to pick through the bones, you can also try their jumbo tenders or get your chicken between two buns on a sandwich. We personally can’t wait to try the pimento mac and cheese side or sweeten the deal with one of their deserts! Especially the banana pudding.

The Five Points location will begin operation on Thursday, July 12th. Their hours are as follows:

Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m.-midnight 

Sunday: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Be sure to check out our events calendar for all the best things to do in Atlanta this week, especially around the “A!” While you’re there, be sure to give Hattie B’s a warm southern welcome and tell them ATL By Day sent you!

Nashville-based hot chicken joint, Hattie B’s, is opening their first Atlanta location this Thursday!

Rosé All Day at Urban Tree Cidery

For Brunch this past Sunday, my good friend Ke and I swung by Urban Tree Cidery for their special “Rosé All Day” drink event. Urban Tree is Atlanta’s first cidery, and is located in West Midtown on Howell Mill Road.

Urban Tree produces all of their ciders in-house from locally grown apples in Mountain City, Georgia. Along with a full-bar, Urban Tree has a unique ability in concocting tasty ciders with a variety of spirits. I do enjoy my spirits.

Rosé All Day Menu
For Rosé All Day, Urban Tree mixed-up three creative cocktails with their newest Rosé cider; these included: the “F’Rosé” which was frozen and blended with vodka, a “Glowsé” which had gin from the Old Fourth Distillery, and a “Brosé” which came with Moonrise Rye Whiskey.

The Party Bar
Co-founder and Event Coordinator Jackie Waice explained that the event was planned in honor of the Rosé cider’s release, and 10% of all bottle sales will go to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Non-profit.

Rosé All Day began promptly at 12:30 P.M., and you know the Gnome Queen always arrives on time.

For a warm day like Sunday, I sipped on the F’Rosé while Ke ordered Urban Tree’s Original Cider.

Original Cider
Along with refreshing drinks, patrons could purchase tacos from Propósito food truck as well as sweet treats from Southern Peach Pastries.

Southern Peach Pastries
“I loved mixing the flavors of my cider with my tacos. The blend of flavors was tasty and exquisite,” said Ke.

Ke ordered two Chicken Fajita Tacos while I got some plain tortillas to snack on.

Sippin’ On Cider
After finishing my F’Rosé, I decided on the Brosé which was both crisp and strong. It immediately became my favorite.

The event as a whole was extremely enjoyable and created a relaxed Sunday atmosphere for all attendees. So if you’re like me and prefer liquor and cider, then I would definitely recommend swinging by Urban Tree Cidery. Their Tasting Room days are Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Enjoying the Sunday Air
For more details, check them out at https://urbantreecidery.com/

The Red, White and Brews Bar Bash

Is that a Charcoal Grill I smell? Maybe some fresh Apple Pie?

Are those Fireworks exploding in the night’s sky?

Is that a Flag of Red, White and Blue?

Well, we all know what that means: it’s Independence Day.

The day we celebrate how Americans came together in order to counterattack a bunch of evil E.T.s that invaded and—wait, wait that’s the movie Independence Day?

Regardless, we all know what the 4th of July truly means for the U.S. of A.: partying. And to kick off this patriotic weekend, I spent my Saturday at the Red, White and Brews Bar Bash.

Hosted by the Atlanta Bar Tours, this bar crawl was anything, but boring. With the slogan, “Make America Drink Again”, the Giant King and I knew to come thirsty.

The crawl took place throughout the Buckhead bar area and began at the Lost Dog Tavern. At check-in, patrons were given a map, free beads, and a raspberry-vodka comp shot. (It was really tasty too.)


Atlanta Bar Tours’ Crew

Some of the participating bars and restaurants included: Buckhead Saloon, Churchhill’s Pub, Red Door Tavern, Moondogs, and so many more. Each establishment provided complimentary shots, $3-$2-$1 drink specials, or different food offerings.

Once we received our gear, the Giant King and I made our way next door to the Red Door Tavern for some drinks. I got a tequila sprite and the Giant King got a vodka-water. Had to start off easy, ya know?

We then decided to head back over to Lost Dog Tavern for some good music and games. At Lost Dog Tavern, bar-goers had the option of playing either cornhole or water pong. This Gnome Queen had to see if her skills had lessened any since school ended.

While my throwing wasn’t the best, (I play soccer and run) I was able to maintain a solid lead over the Giant King. Until he came back and destroyed me. C’est la vie.


Patriotic Cornhole

From Lost Dog Tavern, we made our way to Buckhead Saloon. Here, we took some shots and ate some tacos while watching Atlanta United decimate Orlando City. ‘Twas a good game.


Buckhead Saloon

Throughout the course of the night, the Giant King and I primarily focused on the $1 shots. I do enjoy some shots.

At each location, patrons could be spotted by their fabulous choices of red, white and blues. From bald eagle t-shirts to American flag stilettos, this bar crawl was the most ‘Murican dream for all to see.


A Game of Water Pong

And while this hadn’t been my first crawl with the Atlanta Bar Tours, it was definitely one of my top favorites. The atmosphere of each establishment, the walking-distance and the overall camaraderie between patrons was extremely appreciated.

To end our night, the Giant King and I made our way to the Elbow Room for their $8 18-inch pizza special. We may have had a little too much of it once we got home.

But hey, that food-coma was totally worth it all.

So have a patriotic Happy 4th of July from the Queen of the Gnomes, and keep the fireworks away from trees mmk?


Atlanta Dungeons and Dragons Bar-Crawl

Were you in Edgewood this weekend?

Well, an exciting event occurred this past Saturday: the first-ever Atlanta Dungeons and Dragons Bar-Crawl “The Clockwork Dungeon”.


Hosted by the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons, the inaugural Bar-Crawl included 12 exciting Tabletop Games and 4 Team-Factions which each moved from Josytick Gamebar, The Beer Garden and Noni’s.

Joystick Gamebar
Each Team-Faction began and ended at Level 5 with approximately 5 Adventurers per table not including their DM.

Black Pudding at The Beer Garden
Adventurers, DMs, and Spectators were also encouraged to dress-up in their best cosplay.

Black Pudding Faction
While I was unfortunately only able to come right before the Final Battle, the overall atmosphere of each bar had been incredibly enthusiastic.

The Purple Worms at The Beer Garden

Joystick Gamebar Tabletop
The Beer Garden
While I do love my Joystick, I remained predominately at The Beer Garden with the Giant King and my BFF “Bartleby the Wise” from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Fun & Games

“I really enjoyed the experience of watching the Crawl and how everyone was cosplaying,” said Bartleby.

Bartleby the Wise & The Gnome Queen
At 6 P.M., the initiative for the Final Battle was rolled.

The Giant King as a Rogue
The monster? A Giant Red Slaad.

Red Slaad

The “Slaadi” are large bipedal frogs which can sometimes appear humanoid. A dire aspect of a Red Slaad is its ability to reproduce by infecting a living host, so this was no small Boss Fight.

The Boss Fight was designed uniquely for the Bar-Crawl experience; instead of health, the Slaad needed 30 consecutive hits to be defeated.

The Purple Worm Faction
However, players needed to be very strategic in their approach. One wrong move, or missed dodge would leave an adventurer infected with a Slaad egg. These eggs, if allowed to mature, would erupt from the adventurer’s chest causing an instant death.

The Pink Pixies at The Beer Garden
During the Final battle, the Pink Pixies had landed the most hits on the Red Slaad, but victory was an overall group effort with each Team-Faction contributing.

The Raffle Prizes
The night concluded with an after-party which included a cosplay contest and a raffle for fun prizes.

All and all, the Atlanta Dungeons and Dragons Bar-Crawl was a resounding success and you all know that the Gnome Queen will be at the next one.

Top Atlanta Beers and Breweries for the Summer 2018

This article comes to you from our new author, the Shrew! Photos come from the Shrew and the Breweries listed below.

Before we begin, there’s something I should get out of the way.

I am a beer snob.

If you feel to urge to roll your eyes while reading, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, with that out of the way I can formally introduce myself.

My name is Drew and I am here to walk you through Beer in Atlanta through the eyes of someone who thinks they know more than others.

As a native resident, I have seen Atlanta’s beer scene grow tremendously in the last few years. Not only has it grown in the number of breweries and brewpubs, but in quality as well.

A few years ago I became obsessed with trying to get my hands on the latest and greatest beers throughout the country. I have traded beer hundreds of times with strangers on the internet, which I chronical on my Instagram @Hop_Culture (3,200 followers but who’s counting?)

My goal here is to get you up to speed on which beers you should be looking for in stores, as well as which breweries & brewpubs you should be Instagramming at.

Drew’s Top 5 Atlanta Shelfies for the Summer

Shelfie – noun – a beer that can be easily found year-round on the shelf at a local beer or liquor store.

1. Creature Comforts Tropicalia (IPA)

This was an easy one. When Creature Comforts first released Tropicalia to the masses, it was a frenzy to try and get your hands on. Since they have expanded production, it has become MUCH easier to find in stores. Hell, you could probably find it at a grocery store these days in their new fancy packaging. To me this beer is a staple of every good beer fridge. Not too hard to find and an incredibly balanced IPA. If you have been turned off by IPAs in the past, give this one a shot. Not too heavy or bitter, with a great fruit balance.


2. Cherry Street Steppin’ Razor (DIPA)

Personally, I have never made the trek out to Cumming to see Cherry Street in person. Recently their beer starting popping up in stores and Steppin’ Razor was the first I picked up. This Double IPA alone is good enough to make me get in my car, sit on 400 for 2 hours, just to try it fresh on draft. I dig the 16 ounce cans, the can art, and more importantly, the beer. Steppin’ Razor has the ABV of a Double IPA, but drinks like a single. Good opaque color, tons of fruit flavor, and easy drinking. What more could you ask for? Very easy to find in stores, and a great way to impress Mark from Accounting to shut the fuck up about how Bell’s Two-hearted is the best IPA.


3. Monday Night Brewing Han Brolo (Pale Ale)

Ever wake up the morning after drinking IPAs all night and want to stab yourself in the face? Your body was asking you to scale the ABV back, but you had to get drunk enough to sing karaoke at Dark Horse? We’ve all been there. This 4.7% Pale Ale will keep you alert and confident enough to sing Livin’ on a Prayer for the 4th time in 3 weeks. Candidly, my first years in Atlanta, I thought Monday Night beers were somewhat boilerplate. The past 18 months or so have changed dramatically for them. They have been cranking out exceptional beers, this included. Han Brolo is a great crush-able pale that doesn’t have the bite of what you would expect from “older style” Pale Ales. Want to look sophisticated on your Tinder date that you wish you hadn’t agreed to? Bring this beer!

han brolo

4. Orpheus Serpent Bite (Dry-Hopped Sour Saison)

Do you have a friend that is weirdly obsessed with sour beers and always wants you to take a sip? Well, that’s because they’re delicious, and Serpent is no exception. You should grow up if you don’t like sour beers. Jokes aside, some folks are typically taken aback by the sour/funky taste. Like some style of beers, it takes a little getting used to. Serpent Bite is an amazing summer beer. Its refreshing as shit! With citrus, floral, and sour flavors, this beer is must have at a BBQ or pool day. Sour beers need love too, people.

serpent bite

5. Three Taverns – Prince of Pilsen (Hoppy Pilsner)

Not ready to dive into the world of sours and IPAs? Or, maybe you just truly don’t like those styles (grow-up). This delicious Pilsner might be perfect for you or your dad who keeps complaining about how none of your beers taste like PBR. This beer is refreshingly crisp with the perfect balance of bite. Citrus aroma city. Grab these for a family outing so you can numb your mind when having to explain who Pusha-T is to MeeMaw.


Drew’s Top 3 Atlanta Breweries/Brewpubs for the Summer

Torched Hop

Hands down my favorite brewpub in Atlanta. They have jumped on the Hazy IPA bandwagon and are frankly killing it. Add that to a killer food and specialty cocktail menu, there’s nothing these guys don’t do well (don’t quote me on that). Take an afternoon to grab lunch and beers. Play some Mario Kart or board games. Possibly hit a can release? You’ll be a better person because of it.

Monday Night Brewing

As previously stated, Monday Night was a fun spot to get friends together and grab some craft beer. The décor is neat, the staff is friendly, and it had a great vibe. The beer was PRETTY GOOD. Now, whoa boy, the beer at MNB is kick-ass. With the addition of the Hop-Hut, not only are they serving their experimental IPAs (which are fantastic), but also doing can releases a couple of times a month. You can find me there on release days with an obnoxious brewery t-shirt trying to look cooler than I actually am.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub

It is impossible to search “Brewpub Atlanta” without Wrecking Bar coming up. There’s a reason for that! The food is great, the beer is better, and it’s built in a god-damn Victorian house. Wrecking Bar recently started canning their beers and producing experimental projects which have resulted in some wonderful offerings. Parking is a pain, but entering Wrecking Bar is what I imagine being welcomed into Heaven is like.

Honorary Mentions – Brewery/Brewpubs

Red Brick

Monday Night Garage


New Realm

Sheet

The Atlanta Drunks & Dragons at Joystick Gamebar

Looking for a good game of Dungeons & Dragons?

Well, the Queen of the Gnomes of course knows where to go.

Down in the Old Fourth Ward at Joystick Gamebar, the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons have been hosting the popular role-playing game since September of 2017. With a diverse and welcoming group of Dungeon Masters (DM), the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons are always ready to connect players both new and old.

Started by Dr. Bradley Goodnight and his wife Dr. Jessica Goodnight, the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons have helped to create a world of gaming, fun and overall player-inclusivity.

“Our goals are to enjoy D&D without excluding anyone who wants to learn or get better,” said Dr. Bradley.


The Atlanta Drunks & Dragons provide multiple “on-shot” and on-going campaigns with a variety of levels and characters.

"On Tap" Campaigns
“On Tap” Campaigns

“When I’m a DM, I like to play the “Death House” campaign. Characters start at level 1, so the perils and dangers of the dungeon have more weight, and the choices have graver consequences,” said Dr. Bradley.



The meet-ups take place Monday and Tuesday of each week, and all are welcome to the DM Happy Hour at 6:00 P.M. Around 7:15, each DM “pitches” their game idea, and players choose from there.

A noticeable (and amazing) aspect of the weekly meet-ups was the diversity between players. Dr. Jessica, who runs a women’s-only campaign table, believes in encouraging female players to partake in D&D regardless of their play-levels.

“We’re not here to judge others; we want everyone to feel welcome no matter how long they’ve been playing or if they’re a man or a woman.”

The women’s table currently has six-players and hopes to grow in the near future.


Long-playing DM Chris also believes in making new-players feel at home within the D&D community.


Chris, who has been with the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons since its conception, explained that his favorite part of the meet-ups was the overall camaraderie.

“Making new friends as an adult can be hard, but D&D is an excellent way to meet new people without feeling forced to.”



The diversity of players includes all ages (over 21 of course it is at a bar), ethnicities and backgrounds ranging from psychologists and scientists, to thespians and stay-at-home parents.


Even Joystick’s bartenders’ partake in the fun; manager and DM Jacob Tadych runs his own on-going campaign and is specialized in levels 8-15.



“I love how in-person the game is; it gets people out and you never know who you could run into,” said Tadych.



While I myself have only spectated D&D campaigns, the atmosphere and unique one-shot options provided by the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons has definitely piped my interest in playing.

I wonder what character the Gnome Queen will choose?

When asked about any upcoming events, DM Chris detailed the first-ever: “Atlanta Dungeons and Dragons Bar-Crawl”.

The Crawl is to take place at 12 P.M. June 23rd with twelve games occurring at Joystick, the Beer Garden and Noni’s. While tickets are unfortunately sold-out for game-play, spectators (over 21 duh) are more than welcome to move from each location for a strong drink and some serious fun. The Crawl will also include tarot card readings, D&D bingo, and an after-party at 7 P.M.

You know I’ll be there in all my Gnomey glory.


So whether it’s for the adventure, friendships or simply the alcohol, make sure you come roll the dice with the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons.


Vanilla Cream Donut from Five Daughters Bakery

Free Donuts and a Grand Opening this Friday – International Donut Day in Atlanta


Something you “donut” want to miss this Friday on June 1st is “International Donut Day”! The event was started in 1938 by the Salvation Army in Chicago to honor those who served in World War I. Several locations around the Atlanta area will be offering glazed goodness deals. Here at ATLByDay we have created a map of all the locations in Atlanta offering special deals and have made a list of what they are offering. Additionally we will be welcoming a newcomer to the ATL donut scene from Tennessee Five Daughters Bakery at Ponce City Market.

Five Daughters Bakery
Come celebrate with newcomer Five Daughters Bakery!

The Five Daughters Bakery has been open in the soft stage in Ponce City Market, but their Grand Opening is set for June 1st. Currently they are offering limited flavors but are expected to be offering much more after their grand opening. You’ll love their King Kong donut which is a maple and bacon donut infused with a vanilla buttercream. Their donuts are made with croissant dough containing 100 layers of delicious decadence taking 3 whole days to craft! Please give them a warm southern welcome at their Ponce City Market location.

As promised here are the offerings we were able to discover. Be sure to check the hours of each location in their link and check out out map to find the closest deal near you. If there are some we missed please let us know!

The Dapper Donut

  • 4 free donuts

Bon Glaze

  • Free donut with any purchase

Krispy Kreme

  • Free donut of your choice / no purchase necessary

Davinci’s Donuts

  • Free Donut / no purchase necessary

Duck Donuts

  • Free donut with any purchase

Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Free classic donut with beverage purchase

Revolution Donuts

  • Giving a mini donut away with every purchase (while supplies last)

A Memorial Day Weekend

What a Memorial Weekend! As you all know by now, this Queen of the Gnomes loves going out and having fun with friends. And what better way to kick-off the summer season than in Edgewood and Decatur?

My weekend began Friday night where I attended a humorous game of Pathfinder. The game began around 7 and concluded at the late hour of 2 A.M. Only 5 characters were taken hostage, and unfortunately we’ll only know of their dark fate at the next encounter. (I don’t understand a word I just said either).

The next day, I was up early at 8 A.M. (I know horrendous) to head over to Dad’s Garage in Edgewood. Here, I was allowed an exclusive look at their upcoming web-series: “The Garage”. The series follows a dramatization of the lives of a few of the Improvisers which includes my loving Giant King. As of now, filming is set to wrap around June summer and will premier later this year.

Dad's Garage Theatre Company
Dad’s Garage Theatre Company

My next activity was a 4-mile jog around the Atlanta BeltLine. If you haven’t adventured around the BeltLine, I definitely suggest the Eastside Trail which hits most of the Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward areas. The scenery and Graffiti highlight the uniqueness and beauty of the ATL, and showcases the creativity of many local aspiring artists.

Afterwards, I spent the rest of my day and evening at Joystick playing Guess Who and Mad Gab. Joystick is one of my favorite bars in due to the ever-changing cocktail menu and game options. While I may have lost each round of Mad Gab (I had never played before), the Memorial Weekend was going incredibly well.

Joystick Gamear
Joystick Gamebar

On Sunday, I again started my day over in the Edgewood area, this time at Krog Street Market. The Market was bustling with locals and out-of-towners, both of whom were in complete awe of the food stalls and shops. The Market features a variety of restaurants from Bar Mercado to Richard’s Southern Fried Chicken. I myself was on a business venture where unfortunately I had to remain strong in the face food of temptation. It was difficult, but I preserved.

Victory Sandwich Luau

Later on, I attended the annual Victory Sandwich Luau in Decatur Square. The Luau had an unlimited BBQ buffet and offered a variety of new summer drinks.  My order: “Sucker In a Three Piece”; think a Manhattan, but stronger.

Food Menu and Sucker In A Three Piece
Food Menu and Sucker In a Three Piece

While I awaited for the Giant King, I made my way over to the SOS Tiki Bar. Here I met Christin, who explained that her friend John was from out of town and wanted to know where they should go next.


This Queen of the Gnomes of course had the hook-up. For beer I suggested Twain’s, The Square Pub, and Brick Store; Raging Burrito & Taco for margaritas, and live music at Eddie’s Attic. Once the Giant King arrived, I parted ways with my new friends and wished them a happy bar-hop. For the rest of the evening, the Giant King and I partied around Victory and ended our night with a game of Bocce Ball at Leon’s Full Service. After the long, cold winter I finally regained my title as Queen of Bocce Ball which had been lost back in October.


On Memorial Day, I began at the Stone Summit Climbing Gym for a hearty cardio and bouldering workout. For those of you interested in a new type of exercise, I thoroughly recommend climbing at Stone Summit. With three locations in Midtown, North Atlanta, and Kennesaw, Stone Summit provides a fun and unique way to get fit and meet new people.

I then ended my weekend at one of my friend’s houses for cookout where I grilled an assortment of chicken, hotdogs, and veggies.

It was definitely an exciting weekend for this Gnome Queen and hopefully you all had just as much fun.



Sunset Sessions Guitarist

Sunday Fun-day with Park Tavern’s Sunset Sessions

Sunset Sessions at Park Tavern on Piedmont Park kicked off in April, but don’t fear there are more to hear. There are 15 more acts to kick off, running until early September. So bring your dancing shoes, but leave your dollar bills behind because this concert series if FREE. Well maybe bring some mullah to enjoy some SweetWater.

Park tavern serves great bar food and even sushi. If you want something more peaceful there are table towards the back that have a gorgeous view of the park, but make sure to get there early to snag a spot. For the full list of sunset sessions check their schedule.

Make a day of it

Piedmont Park has a lot to offer and is a great place to people watch, play lawn games, and cool off at their pool. We personally enjoy KanJam, but I know the southern tradition of corn hole might take precedence. Sunset sessions would be a great way to cap off a full day of ATL activities. We have two treks for you.

West to East Trek

Start: The Nook

  • Wash down some Totchos with their “meal in itself” their full size bloody mary. This bloody mary includes a hard boiled egg, steak, and tater tots.

Middle: The East Side Lawn

  • Bring a lawn game, a bluetooth speaker, and a blanket.

End: Sunset Sessions

North to South Trek

Start: Rent a bike

  • Relay bike is a convenient way to not worry about lugging or owning a bike. There is a bike rental at the start of the east side trail right by Krog Street Market with a drop point right in front of Park Tavern.

Middle: “The Cool Down” King of Pops or Victory Sandwich Bar

  • You might be getting toasty by this point, so what better way to cool off than to get a tasty popsicle from the King of Pops headquarters or a dickel and coke slushie from Victory Sandwich Bar! Victory just introduced a rose slushie this summer which is now available on Saturday and Sunday at the outside trailer.

Middle 2: New Realm Brewery

  • Not even a year old New Realm Brewery off the beltline is a fun place to stop for suds. If your in the mood for food there is a restaurant downstairs and upstairs is the tasting room where you can catch some views of the atlanta skyline.

End: Drop Bike / Sunset Sessions

  • You can drop your Relay bike off at Park Tavern on the side that faces the park.

Mother’s Day at Whiskey Bird

It was another exciting weekend for this Queen of the Gnomes: college graduation, bar-hopping in Brookhaven, and of course, celebrating Mother’s Day.

Now, like all the people I care about in this world, my dear loving mom has a nickname: Mother Ginger. (Think you can guess why?)

Mother Ginger is sweet, petite, and will probably steal your soul given the chance. My dad of course is the Old Dinosaur because he’s lovable and a relic from the Jurassic Era.

Since my parents had come all the way down from Nowhere, North Carolina, I decided to take them to one of the most subtle and unique spots in the Atlanta area: Whiskey Bird.

Tucked away just north of the Virginia Highlands in the Morningside Village, Whiskey Bird is a delicious blend of authentic Asian flavors with a variety of American favorites. Whiskey Bird is famous for their spin on the traditional Japanese “Yakitori” which skewers and grills various cuts of chicken meat. At Whiskey Bird customers can find an assortment of skewers from Pork Tenderloin and Chimichurri Shrimp to vegetarian options such as Shitake Mushroom and Stuffed Peppers.

During my family outing, I decided to play the chef’s selection of “Yakitori Roulette” which included: Pork Belly, Charred Octopus, Shitake Mushroom, and Sweet Potato. Mother Ginger preferred the Sweet Potato which came drizzled in the Whiskey Bird sauce and honey.

Yakitori Roulette

My own personal favorite was the Shitake Mushroom which was glazed in a spicy soy marinade and cilantro lime crema. The Old Dinosaur sampled the Butter Burger Sliders while my boyfriend, the Giant King, ordered the Hong Kong Fried Chicken and Waffles.

Butter Burger Sliders

Since it was a Sunday Brunch, we of course had to try the drink menu. While I do love a good mimosa, I decided to be extra basic and get the “Frosé”. The Frosé contained rum, rosé, sparkling cider, and guava blended together with ice. My parents chose the Pink Panther which contained vodka, cranberry liqueur, orange brandy, and lime. They enjoyed it so much that they ordered two more rounds. It was a very amusing time.


My family’s overall experience with Whiskey Bird was extremely positive. Each dish was delectable and tasty while the ambience was chic and modern. The service was attentive and quick with an extra added gesture for specifically Mother’s Day. For each mother served, the Whiskey Bird staff and management provided a thoughtful gift-bag of sparkling wines and various coupons to local Atlanta salons. The Mother Ginger was extremely touched and with that in mind, this Gnome Queen will definitely be back for dinner.

Mother’s Day Gift-Bag