The Need to Know for Taste of Atlanta 2018

Celebrating greater Atlanta’s culinary cuisine and southern flair, Taste of Atlanta 2018 is a can’t miss event this October. Over 40k attendees throughout the weekend will be tasting their way at the 17th annual event at Historic Fourth Ward Park on October 19th-21st. Patrons will be able to enjoy 90 plus restaurants, chef exhibitions, and cooking classes! Getting there, what to look for, and picking your tasting spoon strategy can be overwhelming, even for you vets. We here at ATLByDAY want to give you some tips and a little strategy in our Need to Know for Taste of Atlanta 2018.

Getting There / Parking

Public transportation and rideshare we feel is the best option. For rideshare, choose LYFT. During the event they are running a promotional discount code: TASTEATL for existing Lyft users and TASTEATLNEW for new users. For public transit use the Civic center station, as they will have a free complimentary shuttle outside on W. Peachtree Street. If you must bring your gas guzzler don’t expect to find much parking near the venue There is PCM, but parking there will be limited and pricey. The official spot for Taste of Atlanta is the Atlanta Medical Center parking deck B. Expect about a mile walk from the parking deck.

How Ticketing works

Setting itself apart from other festivals we have been to in the A, Taste of Atlanta fully integrates technology and convenience. You don’t have to fret about keeping up with multiple tickets or a punch card; you can conveniently scan your wristband at the event. General admission wrist bands hold  10 points while VIP carries 20. Restaurants charge 1-3 taste points, however if you are running low or need a second helping you can put more points on your wristband at the event. Additionally, with your wristband you can send recipes of some of those delicious dishes to yourself by scanning them at the Chef’s Table demonstrations!

Taste of ATL Hacks

Most people target going Saturday and Sunday which is fine, but our take is Friday is the best day to go. Unlike Saturday and Sunday, on Friday the tastes and drinks are unlimited! Not only will you be able to get your fill, but the kickoff party is loads of fun. Also bring your dancing shoes as there will be two live acts on stage. Bumpin’ the Mango and The Cordon Blues bands will kick off the weekend festivities. Taste of Atlanta is a great way to try out new restaurants before they open or get a taste of Atlanta’s culinary staples. These restaurants want to turn tasters into diners and some will be offering coupons to come have a full meal at their restaurant.

We can’t wait to see the winners for best taste, best selling taste, best presentation and most unique! In closing we look forward to seeing you all there. Taste of Atlanta also supports the non-profits of Open Hand, Second Helping Atlanta, and the Giving kitchen.

For Tickets click here

Location: Historic Fourth Ward Park | 680 Dallas Street (Corner of North Ave & Dallas St.) Atlanta, GA 30308

Dates and Times

Friday Oct. 9th Kick-Off Party: 6:30pm – 11:00pm
Saturday Oct. 10th: 12pm – 6:00pm
Sunday October 11th: 12pm – 6:00pm
VIP, Saturday and Sunday: 12:30pm – 5:00pm

For more and current info visit Taste of Atlanta


Life Pro Hacks and Tips for the 2018 Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade

Started in 2010 the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade is a glowing celebration of the art along the Eastside Trail. This year they expect more than 70,000 patrons to partake in the illuminating event! Getting there can be tricky; and knowing where to post up, or just what to expect can be a hassle. We here at ATLByDay want to pass along some tips that could be useful for first timers or vets. So here are our life pro hacks and tips for the 2018 Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade.

You can Participate

Unlike most parades where you need to register, this parade requires no registration or fee to be in the event. You do need some sort of glow to be in the event. Whether its leftover light up bracelets from the Moon Ride or your own lantern, find something that makes you fit in with the parade goers. If you don’t bring your own lantern, you will likely be able to purchase one at the start of the event. Kroger has sold lanterns in past years, as well as Richard’s Variety Store.

When you Participate

The parade starts at the beginning of the Eastside Trail in Inman Park, at the intersection of Krog St. and Irwin St, and is usually very crowded and congested. At times you’ll feel like a salmon trying to swim upstream. You don’t have to be at the start of the parade to be in the parade.  I see many people bail out halfway through the parade. One way to avoid the congestion at the start is to join halfway through the parade at the Ralph McGill bridge close to the location of New Realm and Two Urban licks. Also to have even more fun, target getting behind one of the many bands who participate in the parade. We’ve had a blast getting behind the Seed and Feed band, dancing our way through the parade.

What to Bring

You are absolutely going to need to bring a small soft cooler that you can carry with refreshments, and a towel to sit on is a nice bonus. You won’t have easy access to beverages; and if the weather this week is any indication, the beginning of the parade will be very hot. Be sure to bring some water! Bring good walking shoes, especially if you plan to be in the parade. Without a doubt you will be walking a bit, whether you are in the parade or not. Do not bring your bike. It is impossible to navigate the Beltline in the hours leading up to the parade. You will be walking that thing with tens’ of thousands of people expecting to be at the parade.

Where to Post

There are all kinds of bars now on the Beltline to enjoy the parade. Ladybird is a great spot, and so is New Realm; but as you would expect those places will be jam packed. If you don’t get there early you might not get a great spot. When we have watched the parade our favorite spot is under the Freedom Park bridge. Under the bridge offers sloped seating that allows an elevated view and you don’t have to worry about being in the front. Additionally under the bridge offers great acoustics for the bands. You’ll notice under the bridge, the bands sound a lot louder than when in the open on the Beltine.

Parking / Getting there

The best solution is always taking a taxi. There will likely be surge pricing around the event; but if you are splitting the fare with your friends, trust us, it is worth it. After the event, there is plenty of nightlife entertainment; so if you want to avoid the surge, wait it out. If you are just viewing the event, the major pay parking spots are going to be Ponce City Market or Inman Quarter. Don’t count on it though, as I can easily foresee those decks filling up fast. At the start of the parade, near Krog Street Market, is going to be real tough to find parking. Again, if you don’t want to find yourself up-creek without a paddle, take a taxi.

The Art

Each lantern parade brings new art installations along this glorified sidewalk. Some of the art is more permanent, while some is removed very shortly. You can go the day after to enjoy some of the temporary installations, or go well before the parade starts the day of. We were walking the trail today and saw many artists putting finishing touches on their work. There is sure to be some some impressive artwork, so keep your eyes peeled for them along the path.

We hope to see your glow at the parade. If we missed something or you have a tip yourself please share!

2018 Lantern Parade Details:

Saturday, September 22, 2018:
7:00 p.m. line-up
8:00 p.m. parade steps off

Guide to ATL United Tailgates

Atlanta United FC sees your MLS attendance and raises you 10 on the tailgating experience. Beneath the elevated concrete streets adjacent to the CNN center lies a vibrant tailgating scene of black, victory red and gold in the Gulch. The Gulch has been the target of many urban renewal proposals. Most recently it was discussed as a possible landing spot for Amazon’s 2nd headquarters, but today sits as a parking lot that host Atlanta’s most inclusive and exciting tailgates. We at ATLByDay decided to stop by 5 of the major tailgates, take in the action and interview their founders to be able to lay out a guide to ATL United tailgates.

Gulch Google Maps Location | Note: Getting to the tailgate area can be tricky. Likely you will be dropped off on a road above the tailgates, just keep walking down to ground level. If taking MARTA from the GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center Station exit through gate, take a right at the escalators.If lost you can always ask a police officer.

Tailgate Times: Normally start 4 hours before kickoff and end 1 hour before

The Faction

Summary: Catering to families and especially the little ones this tailgate has a lot to offer. The day we came out they had a live talk show and a beautiful miniature soccer rink. This playpen was complete with miniature nets and artificial turf where kids can roll around on the pitch. Furthering their mission of inclusion and diversity they partner with the non-profit Fugees Family. Fugees Family is a non-profit  devoted to working with child survivors of war through soccer and education. The Faction has the largest kid membership of 600. Sponsored by Heineken this tailgate has many bells and whistles for all to enjoy.

How To Participate: First you’ll need to become a member. The membership fee is $25 for adults and $20 for children. You can purchase your membership here. Once you purchase a membership tickets to tailgates are normally $20 for adults and $5 for kids.

Footie Mob

Summary: If you are looking SEC tailgate atmosphere with an Atlanta culture twist this is your spot. Footie Mob was one of the original support clubs focusing on a the local vibes. You see this on display in “The Benz”stands with their “Bless your heart” flag. These dirty south casuals want members who are ready to learn, or to teach the game of soccer to others.

How to Participate: $25 for a membership. Tickets to tailgates are available for Footie Mob members and the general public. Generally tickets start off at $10.

Terminus Legion

Summary: Adorned with booths of many different sponsors this tailgate has many goodies to offer. That day soccer lovers were treated with free refried bean can koozies from La Preferida, naughty pretzels, refreshments from Second Self Brewery, and spirits from Old Fourth Ward Distillery. If your an out of town guest or a supporter of another club southern hospitality welcomes you here. Not only do your proceeds go to your tailgate amenities, but also select charities that rotate each game.

How to Participate: Membership to Terminus legion is $25. Tickets to tailgates are available for Terminus legion members and the general public. A donation of normally $10 includes freebies and admittance.


Summary: Rowdy, proud and full of spirit we were greeted with red smoke, chants, and rituals you’d have to see to believe. While trying to be as “hype” as possible this group also gives back to their community through local charities such as Trees Atlanta. Singing songs of a city defined by change, progress, and diversity they have the biggest supporter section at The Benz. If you like dancing, singing and sparkle donkey glitter-filled piñata whacking this is one tailgate you will have to check out.

How to Participate: Membership to resurgence is $35.Tailgates have been and will always be open to all members and future members and are FREE OF CHARGE.

LA 12 De Atlanta

Summary: LA 12 De Atlanta is a integration of multiple latin cultures through the support of Atlanta soccer. Focus on meshing all of those cultures under one flag they have a special flair unto their own. With their South American style support we were greeted by a drum line and a passionate celebration of soccer. This tailgate had the largest viewing screen like no other tailgate we had witnessed before! So if you want to catch watch game before the game this would be the perfect spot.

How to Participate: Their is no membership for LA 12 De Atlanta. If joining the tailgate a donation of at least $10 is highly encouraged.

To get the full Atlanta United Experience checking out the tailgates in The Gulch is a must. There is a tailgate for everyone and each tailgate welcomes everyone!

Note: Prices and terms of attendance are subject to change. Please go to each support group website to see the official rules and terms for participation.

Try 30 Different Wings at Once this Sunday

You’re going to need the whole roll of Bounty this Sunday! The 2018 Springer Mountain Farms’ Southern Wing Showdown is back for a 3rd year in a new space – The Fairmont in West Midtown. With the new expanded venue comes room for more wings! Up from 25 wings last year, this year approximately 30 restaurants from around the south with show off their best wings recipes. The cities will include: Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Savannah, Charlotte and Nashville.

Last year the FEED Co Table and Tavern took the title of best wing with their Hoff wing, a fried wing with a pepper buffalo sauce and smoked blue cheese. Attendees will determine who will unseat the champ. Each attendee gets their own menu handout to select their favorite delectable wing. Insiders say the best strategy is to go through the menu before and makes sure to chomp on the ones that interest you the most. You might also want to bring a hungry friend you can share 30 different unlimited wings with. If you need to cool your palette High Road Creamery will be serving up sorbet and numerous local brews will be served .

The wing showdown is expected to draw around 1,500 attendees. Tickets are on sale now! Buy your ticket early, don’t expect many to be available at the door. This event benefits local charities, Angel Flight Soars and Second Helpings Atlanta. Learn more about Southern Wing Showdown and buy your tickets at

When: Sunday August 5th: VIP: 1pm – 5pm | General 2pm – 5pm
Where: The Fairmont, 1429 Fairmont Ave NW, Atlanta

Craft Breweries Represented:

Creature Comforts Brewing Company | Athens, GA
Arches Brewing | Duluth, GA
Mercier Orchards | Blue Ridge, GA
Burnt Hickory Brewery | Kennesaw, GA
Topo Chico (Mixer) | Monterrey Mexico


Alex Guthrie: Music
Benjamin Getz: Host of The Atlanta Food Podcast

Vanilla Cream Donut from Five Daughters Bakery

Free Donuts and a Grand Opening this Friday – International Donut Day in Atlanta


Something you “donut” want to miss this Friday on June 1st is “International Donut Day”! The event was started in 1938 by the Salvation Army in Chicago to honor those who served in World War I. Several locations around the Atlanta area will be offering glazed goodness deals. Here at ATLByDay we have created a map of all the locations in Atlanta offering special deals and have made a list of what they are offering. Additionally we will be welcoming a newcomer to the ATL donut scene from Tennessee Five Daughters Bakery at Ponce City Market.

Five Daughters Bakery
Come celebrate with newcomer Five Daughters Bakery!

The Five Daughters Bakery has been open in the soft stage in Ponce City Market, but their Grand Opening is set for June 1st. Currently they are offering limited flavors but are expected to be offering much more after their grand opening. You’ll love their King Kong donut which is a maple and bacon donut infused with a vanilla buttercream. Their donuts are made with croissant dough containing 100 layers of delicious decadence taking 3 whole days to craft! Please give them a warm southern welcome at their Ponce City Market location.

As promised here are the offerings we were able to discover. Be sure to check the hours of each location in their link and check out out map to find the closest deal near you. If there are some we missed please let us know!

The Dapper Donut

  • 4 free donuts

Bon Glaze

  • Free donut with any purchase

Krispy Kreme

  • Free donut of your choice / no purchase necessary

Davinci’s Donuts

  • Free Donut / no purchase necessary

Duck Donuts

  • Free donut with any purchase

Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Free classic donut with beverage purchase

Revolution Donuts

  • Giving a mini donut away with every purchase (while supplies last)
Sunset Sessions Guitarist

Sunday Fun-day with Park Tavern’s Sunset Sessions

Sunset Sessions at Park Tavern on Piedmont Park kicked off in April, but don’t fear there are more to hear. There are 15 more acts to kick off, running until early September. So bring your dancing shoes, but leave your dollar bills behind because this concert series if FREE. Well maybe bring some mullah to enjoy some SweetWater.

Park tavern serves great bar food and even sushi. If you want something more peaceful there are table towards the back that have a gorgeous view of the park, but make sure to get there early to snag a spot. For the full list of sunset sessions check their schedule.

Make a day of it

Piedmont Park has a lot to offer and is a great place to people watch, play lawn games, and cool off at their pool. We personally enjoy KanJam, but I know the southern tradition of corn hole might take precedence. Sunset sessions would be a great way to cap off a full day of ATL activities. We have two treks for you.

West to East Trek

Start: The Nook

  • Wash down some Totchos with their “meal in itself” their full size bloody mary. This bloody mary includes a hard boiled egg, steak, and tater tots.

Middle: The East Side Lawn

  • Bring a lawn game, a bluetooth speaker, and a blanket.

End: Sunset Sessions

North to South Trek

Start: Rent a bike

  • Relay bike is a convenient way to not worry about lugging or owning a bike. There is a bike rental at the start of the east side trail right by Krog Street Market with a drop point right in front of Park Tavern.

Middle: “The Cool Down” King of Pops or Victory Sandwich Bar

  • You might be getting toasty by this point, so what better way to cool off than to get a tasty popsicle from the King of Pops headquarters or a dickel and coke slushie from Victory Sandwich Bar! Victory just introduced a rose slushie this summer which is now available on Saturday and Sunday at the outside trailer.

Middle 2: New Realm Brewery

  • Not even a year old New Realm Brewery off the beltline is a fun place to stop for suds. If your in the mood for food there is a restaurant downstairs and upstairs is the tasting room where you can catch some views of the atlanta skyline.

End: Drop Bike / Sunset Sessions

  • You can drop your Relay bike off at Park Tavern on the side that faces the park.
MomoCon Dinosaurs

MomoCon 2018: Anime, Manga, and Gaming, Oh My!

If you want to complete objectives to unlock new Fortnite rewards over the holidays, but also need to get out of your Dorito-laden hole, look no further than the Georgia World Congress Center this Memorial Day weekend. The 14th annual MomoCon is set to kick off May 24th. They are expecting to welcome over 33,000 enthusiasts in the anime, gaming, comic and costuming realms. If you are planning to attend, keep reading! Here at ATL by Day, we know “what not-to-miss!” 

MomoCon Vive

24 Hour Gaming

MomoCon has a deep connection with their fans that would make Vinny and Paulie D jealous. What MomoCon does right is that they keep their ears open. They have a willingness to give patrons what they deserve. For example, for the first time in its history, Momocon will dedicate 140,000 square feet for 24 hours of gaming. Gaming will include PC/LAN gaming, console tournaments, console free-play, classic arcade, board gaming, card gaming, RPGs, and even LARP. Now that sounds like fun!

Indie Game Awards

There is a certain pompous self-satisfaction that you might get by being ‘in the know’ and now is your chance.  Get an inside peek, raise your nose and get a head start on the action. This year, Momocon will be introducing 48 indie games to the masses. A good strategy to have the most fun? Pay close attention to the top 4 finalists before you start, and play from there! You will get to pick up on some insider tricks and strategies from the top players. 

MomoCon Gundam
MomoCon started with Anime and Manga like Mobile Suit Gundam, but it’s so much more!

Cosplay Contest

I tried my hand at a sewing machine once and guess what happened?  I sewed my index and middle finger together instead of the cloth, but how does this apply to cosplay?  Well, cosplay takes time, hard work and studying the craft, just like sewing.  There are twenty-one different events and workshops dedicated to the cosplay, including “Male Cosplay for Feminine Cosplayers.” Cosplay is an art, and what better way to show your dedication to it than by participating in the cosplay contest?  A bonus event you won’t want to miss is the late night Cosplay dance battle that takes part on Saturday night.


What would a comic convention be without your dose of entertainers from the geek universe on a panel?  Actors from all walks of life, including voice actors, game developers, comic book artists, prop makers, costumers, animators, video gamers and the like will be among the esteemed Momocon panel.  Okay I’m exhausted from all the fun now, but you get my drift. There is a panel for every one of the 114+ presenters. This is why it’s important to go ahead and get familiar with the schedule and layout of the floor so you won’t miss what’s important to you. I personally won’t miss the voice actor Chris Sabat from Dragon Ball Z, if you know what I’m Saiyan. Even more exciting, this year they have a stronger emphasis on YouTubers by welcoming 25+ guests from the streaming titan!

The Construction Zone by Atlanta Brick Company

MomCon is an event for all ages. Parents are encouraged to bring their children. Kids under 9 year old get in free and all adult content is absent. The additional bonus is that the convention is located next to all the Atlanta family attractions , including our favorite: those adorable belugas at the Georgia aquarium. So if you brought your youngster, you might want to set some time to visit the construction zone where you can find 1,000 pounds of LEGO® pieces available for freestyle building. I highly advise wearing shoes in this room. There is no greater agony than stepping on a rouge LEGO® bare footed.

If you don’t have Memorial Day plans, you should absolutely check out MomoCon. Or rather, let me say that again, You absolutely should be planning to visit MomoCon that weekend. The event spans over four days, so if you want to swing by, you could get a single day pass. Heck, you might decide you love it so much that you want to get a job there. Check out the Momocon career fair on Thursday and just might!

Did we miss something?  We’d love to hear your tips or suggestions if so! 

Inman Park Festival: What Not to Miss This Weekend

Nestled among a thick, green, urban canopy of dogwood and pine, the 10th Annual Inman Park Festival kicks off this weekend.  If you missed the Dogwood Festival, you won’t want to miss this one. And if you approach it like a novice you will still have a great time, but we here at ATL by Day want you to get so much out of it that security has to drag you away. There’s great food, a quirky parade, 3 music stages, a tour of homes, art vendors, and much more. I’ve been going to the festival for years and have volunteered in multiple facets, so here are a few tips and must-sees that I have gathered over the years.

The Parade

So many people skip or don’t even know about this part of the festival. Be sure to catch it if you can. Will this be the year that Inman Park Festival Parade breaks the Guinness Book World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes? This quirky parade is a barrel of fun if you “gnome” what I mean. You’ll surely get a tickle from the gnome-humored signs held by the red pointy-hat paraders. Be sure to bring a blanket or easy-to-carry lawn chair for the event. Additionally, consider bringing a fun-sized cooler for your refreshments.

Note: The parade starts at Edgewood and Euclid on Saturday, April 28th at 2:00 PM . It ends at Austin Avenue in Little Five Points.

Porch Parties

A site to admire about the homes of Inman Park are the immaculate porch setups. During the festival weekend some of these porches morph into a full scale lawn parties. You’ll see full bands performing, moon walks, and, of course, the southern tradition of corn hole. I’ve been fortunate to have a friend of a friend’s brother’s uncle’s roommate throw one of these. The point is: reach out to your connections to see if they or anyone they know is throwing a porch party for the festival. You’ll have a blast.


Look for the The Pickle, seek The Pickle, be one with The Pickle. The Pickle is a food truck that pops up at a good number of Atlanta events. Not so much a typical-looking food truck, it’s more of a stretch, dill-colored conversion van in the shape of…yeah you guessed it, a pickle. While not exclusive to this festival, The Pickle offers the best food item available, the Cajun Chicken Egg Roll. They cut their egg roll at a sharp angle that beautifully reveals every mystery inside. The first bite makes all the following ones irresistible. The Cajun dipping sauce accents this culinary marvel beautifully. My other favorite festival food is the Island Noodles.


Tour of Homes

You’ve seen the beautiful porches adorned with the Inman Park Neighborhood flag, which, if you look closely, you realize is more than just a butterfly. The wings have two faces hidden inside: one symbolizes the past of the neighborhood while the other symbolizes its future. You will get a chance to gather in the beauty of these homes which would make Chip and Joanna proud. (Admit it: we all have our favorite HGTV show.) Whether it’s International House Hunters or Fixer Upper, we all love seeing what people do to make a space come alive.

Note: Be sure to get your tickets on the Inman Park Festival website.


I’ve volunteered as a tour of homes house liaison, stage setup guy, and–my favorite–helping out in the beer tent. The beer station volunteer assignments run out fast, so you likely wont be able to get on it this time around, but there are still some other assignments left. Volunteering is a great way for you to engage with the community and meet new people while enjoying the special setting of Inman Park. The highlight of my time was getting to serve one heady brew to Atlanta’s biggest and best local weatherman, David Chandley. I’ll be serving y’all at the event on Sunday with my raucous local crew. Be sure to stop by and get a pour.

Bonus Tip on Art

I have a lot of art from the local neighborhood festivals in my home. Yes, some of the art is very expensive and unfortunately they don’t offer financing in the form of easy payments. I didn’t pay the listed price for any of these pieces; rather, we negotiated to a price we both found acceptable. Don’t be afraid to haggle! Most of them expect you to and prints will work just fine. Check to see if they can offer or have any on hand. You might have better chances on the last day when the event is coming to a close as vendors are trying to unload their inventory.

Inman Park Festival is a fine event for all age groups and people. There is something for everyone. The kiddos even get their own play zone. This year they are planning even more FREE activities, some of which will include slides, obstacle courses, crafts, a great playground, riding toys, and the opportunity to join a circus! At ATLBYDAY we hope you make the most out of the festival, bringing everyone on your obnoxious group texts with you.

Did we miss something or do you have a tip? Please feel free to post in the comments.





40+ Atlanta Restaurants with $5 Burgers: ATL Burger Week

Lahey is going to have a tough time asking Randy to lay off the cheeseburgers this week. The 3rd annual ATL Burger Week is set to kick off Monday, April 23rd. The burger feast will gorge its way through our stomachs until its finish on Sunday, April 29th. The 40+ locations will stretch from Zesto’s Drive-In in east Atlanta Village to Village Burger in Johns Creek. Here’s the kicker that has Subway shaking in its boots: all burgers in the extravaganza are $5!

ATL Burger Week
Little’s Food Store has some burgers worth the trip!

ATL Burger Week certainly includes some mouth-watering entries this year, with their eyes set on the crown. In it’s inaugural year of 2016, Big Al’s was crowned champ with their Barnyard Brawler. Following in 2017, Flat Iron made a statement with their Dirty South. Atlanta staples such as Little’s Food Store and Grindhouse Killer Burgers will be competing against what will be wildly fun entries from Poke Burri and Sublime Donuts. Additionally, the rules committee will need to watch out for “cheetahs” from the Atlanta night club scene as Alluvia at Cheetah has also decided to throw its hat in the ring. While it is a competition for best burger, the ultimate winner will be the patrons in Atlanta as we feast on heaven between two buns for the low price of $5.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers at Atlanta Burger Week 2018 - QSR - Photo by Tori Allen PR
Grindhouse Killer Burgers, just one of the must-eats this Burger Week!

How many can you devour? Do you need to train by attaching a burger to the crossbar of a rowing machine? Is there a better time to be alive? All of these are legitimate questions when deciding how to get the most out of Atlanta Burger Week. Questions you won’t have to ask include “Where are all these joints?” and “How can I map my plan of attack ?” because we here at ATL by Day have taken it upon ourselves to get you that list and map out each and every location. You’ll find the list of burgers here too! You’re welcome Atlanta. Happy Eating!

See rules and steps for voting here. The list of entries for ATL Burger Week:

  • Alluvia at Cheetah
  • Argosy
  • Babalu Tapas & Tacos
  • Bantam Pub
  • Big Tex
  • Black Bear Tavern
  • Cala Bar
  • City Winery
  • Dakota Blue
  • Dark Horse Tavern
  • Farm Burger Buckhead
  • Farm Burger Decatur
  • Farm Burger Dunwoody
  • Farm Burger Grant Park
  • Graveyard Tavern
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Decatur
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Memorial Drive
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Piedmont
  • Grindhouse Killer Burgers Sweet Auburn
  • Grub Burger Bar Akers Mill
  • Grub Burger Bar Druid Hills
  • HOBNOB Brookhaven
  • HOBNOB Midtown
  • The Imperial
  • Little’s Food Store
  • Madre Mason
  • Midway Pub
  • Neighbor’s Pub
  • Ormsby’s
  • Poke Burri
  • Publik Draft House
  • Smith’s Olde Bar
  • Square Pub
  • Sublime Doughnuts
  • The Glenwood
  • Torched Hop Brewing Company
  • Village Burger Dunwoody
  • Village Burger John’s Creek
  • Village Burger Tucker
  • Zesto EAV
  • Zesto Little 5
  • Zesto Piedmont