Meet-and-Greet with Diego the Sea Lion

While most of Atlanta was getting ready for another Monday morning at the office, this Gnome Queen was in for a very special and unique treat.

Where was I? The world-famous Georgia Aquarium, specifically at the Sea Lion Exhibit where the Giant King and I had an amazing meet-and-greet [and smooch] with the King Sea Lion himself: Diego.


Diego is the biggest of all the Georgia Aquarium’s Sea Lions, weighing in at over 500 lbs! At 14-years-old, Diego is also the oldest of all the Sea Lions and has been at the Georgia Aquarium since 2006.


Despite his size, Diego is an extremely sweet and loving pinniped to all his trainers’ and care-takers.


The Giant King and I were able to pet and receive kisses from Diego, as well as, many memorable photos.


Trainers, Beth and Josh, explained that Diego is one of the calmest and most relaxed of all the male Sea Lions they have ever encountered. His favorite food includes a variety of different fish and he enjoys playing with many of the younger Sea Lions such as Neptune and Peaches.


You can see Diego and all of the Sea Lion’s at the Georgia Aquarium’s daily Under the Boardwalk Sea Lion Presentation.

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Mother’s Day at Whiskey Bird

It was another exciting weekend for this Queen of the Gnomes: college graduation, bar-hopping in Brookhaven, and of course, celebrating Mother’s Day.

Now, like all the people I care about in this world, my dear loving mom has a nickname: Mother Ginger. (Think you can guess why?)

Mother Ginger is sweet, petite, and will probably steal your soul given the chance. My dad of course is the Old Dinosaur because he’s lovable and a relic from the Jurassic Era.

Since my parents had come all the way down from Nowhere, North Carolina, I decided to take them to one of the most subtle and unique spots in the Atlanta area: Whiskey Bird.

Tucked away just north of the Virginia Highlands in the Morningside Village, Whiskey Bird is a delicious blend of authentic Asian flavors with a variety of American favorites. Whiskey Bird is famous for their spin on the traditional Japanese “Yakitori” which skewers and grills various cuts of chicken meat. At Whiskey Bird customers can find an assortment of skewers from Pork Tenderloin and Chimichurri Shrimp to vegetarian options such as Shitake Mushroom and Stuffed Peppers.

During my family outing, I decided to play the chef’s selection of “Yakitori Roulette” which included: Pork Belly, Charred Octopus, Shitake Mushroom, and Sweet Potato. Mother Ginger preferred the Sweet Potato which came drizzled in the Whiskey Bird sauce and honey.

Yakitori Roulette

My own personal favorite was the Shitake Mushroom which was glazed in a spicy soy marinade and cilantro lime crema. The Old Dinosaur sampled the Butter Burger Sliders while my boyfriend, the Giant King, ordered the Hong Kong Fried Chicken and Waffles.

Butter Burger Sliders

Since it was a Sunday Brunch, we of course had to try the drink menu. While I do love a good mimosa, I decided to be extra basic and get the “Frosé”. The Frosé contained rum, rosé, sparkling cider, and guava blended together with ice. My parents chose the Pink Panther which contained vodka, cranberry liqueur, orange brandy, and lime. They enjoyed it so much that they ordered two more rounds. It was a very amusing time.


My family’s overall experience with Whiskey Bird was extremely positive. Each dish was delectable and tasty while the ambience was chic and modern. The service was attentive and quick with an extra added gesture for specifically Mother’s Day. For each mother served, the Whiskey Bird staff and management provided a thoughtful gift-bag of sparkling wines and various coupons to local Atlanta salons. The Mother Ginger was extremely touched and with that in mind, this Gnome Queen will definitely be back for dinner.

Mother’s Day Gift-Bag
Gnome March 10th Annual

The Gnomes Came Marching Set the World Record!

If you ask me what I did this weekend, I’ll tell you. I Went to the Gnome March and watched a new world record be set! 

“You what…? Why?” 

Because I’m the Gnome Queen. 

For my unadventurous peers, discovering new events in the ATL may not be as easy as finding a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Yet this Gnome Queen will always have your hookup. 


For those of us looking for some weird and interesting fun, the annual Inman Park Festival and Parade this past weekend was the place to be. The Parade hosts one of the most unique aspects of the spring calendar: the Krewe of the Grateful Glutton’s Guinness Book of World Record’s Gnome March.


Beginning at the corners of Waddle St. and Edgewood Ave. in front of the amazing Revolution Doughnuts, participants were dressed to impress with a variety of outfits and accessories, including bright suspenders, dresses with aprons, boots galore, and of course the iconic red pointed hats. From Grandparents to Gnomeborns, (and even some out-of-towners) this queen couldn’t have been more proud. 


The annual march, described as the “largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes”,” marked its 10th anniversary this past Saturday with Gnomes to spare. The tradition began at the first gnome gathering here in Atlanta in April 2007; however, in February 2011, Canadian affiliates of the film, Gnomeo & Juliet attended a movie screening with 266 participants. The tradition became even more widespread when the world record was captured by a group of 478 from Worcester, England in November 2011, and has been maintained ever since. Well, until last Saturday, that is.

Led by the Gnome Captain Chantelle Rytter, the march began with a mile long trek up Edgewood, forking into Euclid Ave. Along the path, spectators and vendors gave their rowdy support while providing free waters, snacks, and of course: beer, to the marchers.


“This seriously is the best turn out we’ve ever had,” explained local participant Gnomer Simpson.  “It’s just really cool to see everyone come support something like this.”


After a little bit of parade partying, the gnomes took a slight detour into “Gnome Field” where the official count by Gnome Leader Laura Miller began. I myself was counted at number 96 while my loving counterpart, the “Giant King,” stood at a solid 97. As the gnome numbers trickled in, (in an orderly, single file line. We aren’t heathens) our anticipation grew. 

“476…477..478…479! That’s it! We did it!”

At the sound of 479, the gnomes erupted.  


Chanting and dancing amplified at each rising number until we hit the finale.  Finishing at an incredible 755 (take that Britain), Atlanta had once again proven that we are the most “astro-gnomical.”

For this Queen of the Gnomes, the Inman Park Parade and Festival couldn’t have gone any better. From the food and excitement to the sun and the ‘shrooms, spring had officially arrived. You’re up Canada.

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