Master smith Mark J. Hopper
If you are looking for an unconventional way to spend an evening, treat yourself—and perhaps a friend—to one of the blacksmithing or knifesmithing classes offered by Goat n Hammer. Housed in the sprawl of buildings and open spaces in West Midtown known as The Goat Farm, this one-of-a-kind forge offers a variety of classes for novices and experienced smiths alike. Your humble writer has attended two such workshops, one devoted to turning a railroad spike
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Atlanta Piedmont Park
Best Events This Weekend in Atlanta: 4/13-4/15 Friday Art: The ARTlanta Fair will begin run from Thursday the 12th to Sunday the 15th. The Fair is at Historic Fort McPherson (1379 Bartow St. NW) and runs from 12-11:30pm, with a focus on the 18+ crowd after 8pm. Nightlife: Sidebar (79 Poplar St) will be hosting an EDM/House dance party and Friday the 13th Horror Movie Marathon curated by Stranger Candy (local ATL DJ, resident DJ at
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Reddit Image
As our website is brand-spankin’-new and we’re just launching this week, I thought I’d ask for some feedback on one of the web’s most active sites, For those not so familiar, Reddit is “the frontpage of the internet”, with everything from cute pictures of cats to conspiracy theories to pictures like this one from u/wooooah_garfield: Simply astounding. Reddit truly a melting pot of the most diverse communities around the world. One of those most
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Monday Comedy: Smith’s Olde Bar (1578 Piedmont Ave NE) has open mic comedy at 8pm Social: The King Center’s March for Humanity is from 12-2pm. The march will start at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and end at Morehouse College, followed by a Love for Humanity program and an “Inspirtainment” event. Tuesday Food and Drink: Opening Day at the Ponce City Market Farmer’s Market will be at the Shed (675 Ponce de Leon Ave) from 4-8pm. One
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I try to avoid going grocery shopping when I’m hungry, but as soon as I see the baked goods section at the grocery store, that notion pretty much goes out the window. It’s tempting to get a chicken tender sub at Publix or hoard Costco samples until they beg you to leave, but for those that want fresh, organic foods, those aren’t a great option. If you want fresh, organic foods, farmer’s markets are your
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ATL by Day Atlanta @chuntrevor Header Photo Of the Month April 2018

April 7, 2018

April 2018: @ChunTrevor

To kick off our website launch, and our monthly featured header photo contest, we’d like to congratulate @chuntrevor on one of the best Atlanta Skyline photos we’ve ever seen! Thank you for giving us permission to use your photo! If you have a picture that you’d like to be featured as our header picture next month, contact us with a link!
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