About Us

ATL by Day is Atlanta’s newest and fastest growing local events website. We aim to bring weekly events listings to Atlanta residents, along with featured articles highlighting our favorite events and local venues and businesses.

ATL by Day began with a few friends who really enjoyed playing trivia during the week. Problem was, these friends lived in different parts of the city and they could never come to an agreement about a time and place for weekly trivia. As a result, hours were spent procrastinating during work looking up various venues, their times, and most importantly their beer specials.

We thought to ourselves why isn’t there one website that can give us all of this information?

And it’s not just about the trivia. How many times will we find out our favorite comedian or music group is coming to Atlanta the day after they’ve performed? Never again.

Here at ATL by Day, we aim to keep you in the loop about every event coming to our city so that you’ll never have to miss out on something again.

Think you know more about events than we do? We’re always looking for new recruits, especially authors! If you live in Atlanta and want to give back to the city, send us an email and we can find you a role at ATL by Day.