Guide to ATL United Tailgates

Atlanta United FC sees your MLS attendance and raises you 10 on the tailgating experience. Beneath the elevated concrete streets adjacent to the CNN center lies a vibrant tailgating scene of black, victory red and gold in the Gulch. The Gulch has been the target of many urban renewal proposals. Most recently it was discussed as a possible landing spot for Amazon’s 2nd headquarters, but today sits as a parking lot that host Atlanta’s most inclusive and exciting tailgates. We at ATLByDay decided to stop by 5 of the major tailgates, take in the action and interview their founders to be able to lay out a guide to ATL United tailgates.

Gulch Google Maps Location | Note: Getting to the tailgate area can be tricky. Likely you will be dropped off on a road above the tailgates, just keep walking down to ground level. If taking MARTA from the GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center Station exit through gate, take a right at the escalators.If lost you can always ask a police officer.

Tailgate Times: Normally start 4 hours before kickoff and end 1 hour before

The Faction

Summary: Catering to families and especially the little ones this tailgate has a lot to offer. The day we came out they had a live talk show and a beautiful miniature soccer rink. This playpen was complete with miniature nets and artificial turf where kids can roll around on the pitch. Furthering their mission of inclusion and diversity they partner with the non-profit Fugees Family. Fugees Family is a non-profit  devoted to working with child survivors of war through soccer and education. The Faction has the largest kid membership of 600. Sponsored by Heineken this tailgate has many bells and whistles for all to enjoy.

How To Participate: First you’ll need to become a member. The membership fee is $25 for adults and $20 for children. You can purchase your membership here. Once you purchase a membership tickets to tailgates are normally $20 for adults and $5 for kids.

Footie Mob

Summary: If you are looking SEC tailgate atmosphere with an Atlanta culture twist this is your spot. Footie Mob was one of the original support clubs focusing on a the local vibes. You see this on display in “The Benz”stands with their “Bless your heart” flag. These dirty south casuals want members who are ready to learn, or to teach the game of soccer to others.

How to Participate: $25 for a membership. Tickets to tailgates are available for Footie Mob members and the general public. Generally tickets start off at $10.

Terminus Legion

Summary: Adorned with booths of many different sponsors this tailgate has many goodies to offer. That day soccer lovers were treated with free refried bean can koozies from La Preferida, naughty pretzels, refreshments from Second Self Brewery, and spirits from Old Fourth Ward Distillery. If your an out of town guest or a supporter of another club southern hospitality welcomes you here. Not only do your proceeds go to your tailgate amenities, but also select charities that rotate each game.

How to Participate: Membership to Terminus legion is $25. Tickets to tailgates are available for Terminus legion members and the general public. A donation of normally $10 includes freebies and admittance.


Summary: Rowdy, proud and full of spirit we were greeted with red smoke, chants, and rituals you’d have to see to believe. While trying to be as “hype” as possible this group also gives back to their community through local charities such as Trees Atlanta. Singing songs of a city defined by change, progress, and diversity they have the biggest supporter section at The Benz. If you like dancing, singing and sparkle donkey glitter-filled piñata whacking this is one tailgate you will have to check out.

How to Participate: Membership to resurgence is $35.Tailgates have been and will always be open to all members and future members and are FREE OF CHARGE.

LA 12 De Atlanta

Summary: LA 12 De Atlanta is a integration of multiple latin cultures through the support of Atlanta soccer. Focus on meshing all of those cultures under one flag they have a special flair unto their own. With their South American style support we were greeted by a drum line and a passionate celebration of soccer. This tailgate had the largest viewing screen like no other tailgate we had witnessed before! So if you want to catch watch game before the game this would be the perfect spot.

How to Participate: Their is no membership for LA 12 De Atlanta. If joining the tailgate a donation of at least $10 is highly encouraged.

To get the full Atlanta United Experience checking out the tailgates in The Gulch is a must. There is a tailgate for everyone and each tailgate welcomes everyone!

Note: Prices and terms of attendance are subject to change. Please go to each support group website to see the official rules and terms for participation.

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