Don’t Miss a Beat at Imagine: Sunday Schedule

Welcome to Part 3 of our Imagine schedule posts where we will review Sunday’s lineup! Check out our Friday schedule here and our Saturday schedule here.

Use this guide as you like to set your schedule for Sunday at Imagine. It’s the shortest day, but it has some of my favorite artists for sure.

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Midnite Panda – DJ

Midnite Panda is an Atlanta festival mainstay with his consistently solid sets. He’s played local festivals since I can remember. Absolutely worth arriving early to see.

Amazonia Stage – Juju Beats – Trap

Juju Beats is a producer hitting mainly rap / trap beats these days. Check him out when you arrive!

Disco Inferno Stage – VIVID – Progressive House

VIVID is a great pick for your first show of the day. Solid progressive beats and plenty of talent packed into one artist, I can’t wait to hear more from VIVID.

Aeria Stage – Reliquary b2b Nhexis – Trance

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Reliquary is something just out of this world, really impressive. Nhexis is a powerhouse of fast-paced trance. Together we’ll all be dancing to some high energy tunes. I, for one, can’t wait.

Six Feathers Stage – ATHRS – Pop/Punk Electronic

ATHRS has a very unique sound with an almost equal overlap of pop, punk, and electronic influences. Boyish and Blink-ish vocals, a slick guitar riff here and there, and fat synths.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Getter – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Getter is one hell of a show. Take one listen and you’ll get what to expect. I would expect Getter as more of a Saturday show than the (generally more chill) Sunday, but I can’t complain.

Amazonia Stage – Yheti b2b Toadface – Trap

Yheti and Toadface have a history of grouping up and tearing it up. Here’s to hoping it’s more of a collab set than a b2b, but only time will tell.

Disco Inferno Stage – Ari El – Techno / Dark

Ari El is going to put on a show heavy in beats and rhythm. Walking the line between DnB, techno, and bass house, Ari El will bring you a show you can feel as much as hear.

Aeria Stage – Nhexis b2b Ryan Michael – Trance

Nhexis will keep you on your feet for your own sake with his heavy and energetic trance beats.

Six Feathers Stage – Whiskas / Fair-Uh – Deep House

Whiskas hits it with deep house and intermingled instrumentals. I couldn’t find anything on Fair-Uh unfortunately.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Oceania Stage – RL Grime – Trap / House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

RL Grime is a fantastic show and easily one of my favorite trap artists of all time. He’s expanded his horizons into more house stuff recently, and it’s still just as amazing. You’re going to want to see this.

Amazonia Stage – Lotus – Jam

Lotus is coming in hot on Sunday night with some solid jam songs, with modes ranging from the ultra mellow to the get-up-and-dance uptempo.

Disco Inferno Stage – Halogen – House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Halogen are an Atlanta staple and one of our favorite local artists, who have earned their right to play shows on the national stage and more. Their originals are only getting better and better, and their remixes are still some of the best.

Aeria Stage – Kenneth Thomas – Trance

More trance! Kenneth Thomas is an old name but the music never gets old. Get moving.

Six Feathers Stage – Le Bek – Dubstep

DJ Le Bek keeps coming with heavy hitting dubstep and house in his sets.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Zeds Dead – Dubstep / Deep House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Zeds Dead are just as solid now as they were back in 2009. Sounds have changed, they’ve experimented a bit here and there, but it’s all still solid gold. And oh yeah, they put on a good show.

Amazonia Stage – Shpongle – Psychedelic Trance

Shpongle is some trippy stuff. Sort of in line with the Amazonia grooviness, Shpongle is the kind of music to make you sit on your buns and take a chill pill.

Disco Inferno Stage – Wax Motif – Bass

Wax Motif will spin house with a heavy dose of bass. I mean, it’s kind of his thing. Think a great house beat, with a layer of punchy bass on it and he’s there.

Aeria Stage – Gabriel & Dresden – Trance

Continuing in the trend of absolutely legendary trance DJs, Gabriel and Dresden are another classic coming to Imagine this year. These two capture emotion, atmosphere, and your mind with absolutely haunting tracks.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Kaskade – Progressive House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I mean, it’s Kaskade. Like I’ve said, probably one of the reasons I ever started listening to EDM. He’s a legend and it’s well earned. When he headlined Shaky it absolutely brought down the house, and I expect even better at Imagine since we don’t have to abide by midtown Atlanta’s noise statutes (boooo). See this show.

Amazonia Stage – Shpongle – Psychadelic Trance

Shpongle is still going strong! Get you some grooviness.

Disco Inferno Stage – Chocolate Puma – House

Chocolate Puma is a duo with nothing to lose. They take an upbeat spin on house with clear disco and 90’s dance electronic influence. A show that won’t disappoint for sure.

Aeria Stage – Paul Oakenfold – Trance

Paul Oakenfold is an absolute legend – and not just in our usual colloquial sense. Oakenfold is a Grammy award winner (three times), and has held titles including best trance DJ and best techno DJ in the world. These are all absolutely deserved. His influence can be seen and felt in modern electronic music and even throughout the pop music industry. Pay your respects and catch Paul Oakenfold.

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Kaskade – Progressive House

Kaskade plays a nice long set! He’s still on.

Amazonia Stage – Griz – Funk / Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Griz is one of my favorite artists – just a dude playing like he’s got something to prove. And he does, time and time again. If you can handle a bit of jazziness with your dubstep, this is the show to see. This is what I expect from a Sunday night at a music festival – grooviness, solid beats, and some positive vibes to take home with you.

Disco Inferno Stage – EDX – Progressive House

EDX brings a mixture of progressive house and trance to the stage, and is a close pick for this time slot. He’s going to – without a doubt – play a phenomenal show.

Aeria Stage – Paul Oakenfold – Trance

Yes, Mr. Oakenfold is still on as well.

11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Disco Inferno Stage – Oliver Heldens – Deep House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I honestly can’t be more excited that Oliver Heldens is closing out Imagine. Now I know that a lot of people will bounce after Kaskade, but they’re wrong. Oliver Heldens, whose label is the namesake of the Disco Inferno Stage’s “Heldeep Stage” name, is a master of the deep house. Stay for this if you know what’s good for you.

Keep your eyes out for our article on Sunday’s shows, and check out the full Imagine schedule below!

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