Don’t Miss a Beat at Imagine: Saturday Schedule

It’s time for Part 2 of our Imagine schedule posts where we will review Saturday’s lineup. Check out our Friday schedule here.

Use this guide as you like to set your schedule for Saturday at Imagine. Good luck – even with this guide this is just a killer lineup.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Amazonia Stage – Zen Selekta – Dubstep

Zen Selekta brings an interesting middle eastern vibe to dubstep. Definitely a unique sound and for the early-comers it’s your only choice. Get there early and get through the line to get your spot!

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Sunday Service – Trap

Sunday Service is definitely a good start to the day, with a good helping of dubstep and trap for your enjoyment.

Amazonia Stage – Space Kadet – Funk

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Space Kadet is ATL native, and they bring some clean funk to this fine city.

Disco Inferno Stage – DJ Kermit b2b Salah Ananse – Electronic

This Saturday we’re going to get some solid disco and groove mixes courtesy of Disco Inferno Stage as it transforms to La La Land Stage (courtesy of Green Velvet). The first act will be DJ Kermit’s soulful beats along with Salah Ananse, and his Afrique Electronic sound.

Aeria Stage – Trench b2b Bad Human – House

Trench is along the lines of a melodic house artist. Bad Human has some mellow vibes worth listening to. Together, this is going to be an interesting b2b.

Six Feathers Stage – Jivea b2b Odysee – Dubstep

Jivea will bring some heavy dubstep to the table. Odysee brings some jazzy disco electronic to the table. This is going to be one hell of a table.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Ra – Metal

A very interesting pick for an EDM festival, but Ra will be playing Oceania and bringing some metal rock rhythms.

Amazonia Stage – Levitation Jones – Dubstep

Levitation Jones will keep it groovy with some outer-space dubstep and bass. My second choice for this time slot.

Disco Inferno Stage – DJ Kermit B2B Salah Ananse – Electronic

This is gonna be a long set! Still the same from 5pm.

Aeria Stage – Johnny Goodtime b2b Skylink – DnB

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Johnny Goodtime is a favorite of ours hailing from the Torch DnB crew. Skylink, on the other hand, is heavy in the progressive house game. A good combo in our opinion and a solid set to check out.

Six Feathers Stage – Don Chido / 450 Panda / Akuarium – Rap Electronic

Don Chido is a DJ that seems to be playing it quiet! Hard to find one of his songs. 450 Panda’s music makes me wonder why he’s not called 420 Panda.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Leah Culver – Electronic/Pop

Leah Culver has made her rounds with huge artists and has risen in her own right. She’s a definite listen for anyone that’s into more of the pop-electronic versus the heavy tunes.

Amazonia Stage – Eoto – Instrumental

Eoto is an exceptionally talented instrumental electronic artist. Don’t expect something like dubstep from this show, but it’s going to be fantastic.

Disco Inferno Stage – Latmun – DJ

Latmun can mostly be seen as a DJ but this groovy house track he’s put out is great. Hoping for more of the same at his show.

Aeria Stage – Thomas b2b Metapattern – DnB

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Aside from being THE MAN, Metapattern is a talented DnB artist worth a serious listen. His livestreams are frequent and great, and his nights with Torch DnB are not to be missed. Again, Thomas, man, how am I gonna google “Thomas” and find you?

Six Feathers Stage – Vandal Rose – Trap

Vandal Rose will keep the wild night going at Six Feathers Stage with his trap beats.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Bear Grillz – Dubstep

Alright we’re now hitting those artists who you most people will know. Bear Grillz isn’t subtle, and does not play. This is going to be one massively hitting show.

Amazonia Stage – Ekali – House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I absolutely love Ekali, and the mix of dubstep and mellow melodic vibes he brings. Forever is a jam, and Leaving is another great, but don’t forget Ekali can hit the heavy stuff just as well. This will be a great set.

Disco Inferno Stage – Walker & Royce – Disco

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Yes I can have multiple picks. I can’t choose sometimes. In this case it’ll depend on the mood. Ekali for the mellow, Walker & Royce for the amazing 80’s rhythmic dance party.

Aeria Stage – Daddydough – DnB

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

YES I CAN HAVE THREE PICKS. Daddydough is another of our favorites from the Torch DnB crew. More DnB, more great hits, and if you’re cruising the Aeria DnB fever we suggest you don’t stop here.

Six Feathers Stage – Babey Drew – Bass

DJ Babey Drew can hit some heavy beats, and has traveled all over. He’s currently mixing on ATL’s Power 96.1 and will be gracing the Imagine stage.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Liquid Stranger – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Liquid Stranger has some, well, liquid dubstep beats that just can’t be beat. The sense of flow and spacey transitions keep everything halfway between mellow and melting off your face.

Amazonia Stage – Ekali – House

Ekali technically plays from 8:40pm – 9:55pm, so he’s pretty much playing until 10pm.

Disco Inferno Stage – Tiga – Electro

Tiga has been around since I was born, and has remixed everything from Justice to Moby and of course has his own tracks to boast. His remix of Sunglasses at Night is iconic, but I just love Bugatti.

Aeria Stage – DJ SS – DnB

DJ SS is incredibly talented, and nothing could show it more than this DnB spin on classical music.

Six Feathers Stage – Mantis & Special Guest – Dubstep

I don’t know is Special Guest is a special guest, or if it’s an artist called Special Guest… But I know Mantis can absolutely throw down. This is a second for me next to Liquid Stranger, and may be my go-to if I’m up to rally.

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Oceania Stage – Liquid Stranger – Dubstep

Liquid Stranger runs from 9:50-10:55pm, so we’re just gonna say 9-11pm by our article’s blocks.

Amazonia Stage – Jai Wolf – Melodic

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

If you’ve watched a movie trailer in the past 6 months, you’ve probably heard Starlight. and if you’ve watched any commercials recently you’ve probably heard Indian Summer. These are Jai Wolf’s two biggest hits, but don’t think that discredits them at all. This is a high recommendation – take this show as your early Saturday night break. You can throw it down at dubstep shows all night, but when you’re wanting some rest to sit back and juts listen to some good music Jai Wolf has it.

Disco Inferno Stage – Tiga – Electro

Tiga is still running strong until 11pm ladies and gentlemen, get your fill.

Aeria Stage – Ivy Lab – Hip Hop/Dubstep

Ivy Lab has serious talent in the hip hop and dubstep game, I’m looking forward to more of this.

Six Feathers – Midnite Panda – Hip Hop/House

Midnite Panda is an Atlanta local known for always putting on a good show. You really can’t go wrong seeing him at the festival, in town, or otherwise.

11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Adventure Club – Dubstep

If you’ve read literally anything I’ve written about Imagine, you’ll see that I LOVE Adventure Club. I see them every time they’re in town. Butttttt this time I don’t know that I can call them my pick. They’ve been quiet lately – too quiet. It’s a very close call between Adventure Club and Cashmere Cat.

Amazonia Stage – Cashmere Cat – R&B / Electronic

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Cashmere Cat may be one of our only Grammy Nominated artists, whatever that means to you. He’s more than a DJ, and has made his name as a producer so prolific that his name doesn’t even need to be on the track (or yelled all the way through it, DJ Khaled). From producing entire albums, to remixing them for his own sound, Cashmere Cat is a dynamo of sound. I can’t imagine missing this show, especially with how prolific and continuously impressive Cashmere Cat’s recent releases have been. So of course I don’t put “Trust Nobody” with Selena Gomez, “Quit” with Ariana Grande, or “Miss You” with Major Lazer (you get the idea) as the representative Cashmere Cat song, but instead bring it back to Wedding Bells.

Disco Inferno Stage – Green Velvet – Disco

Green Velvet has been in the game a long long time. He’s brought various local DJs to their heights while bringing his own hits to the table. For Green Velvet let’s not forget his famous hit (and the namesake of La La Land Stage), La La Land.

Aeria Stage – Dara – DnB

DJ Dara has a number of hour long sets on Youtube, so rest assured he can fill his set to the brim with massive DnB riffs.

Six Feathers Stage – Mermix b2b Magnetik – Electronic

Mermix doesn’t have a lot of tracks out, but those that I’ve seen have impressed. Magnetik has more of a mellow electronic vibe.

12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Bassnectar – Dubstep

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

Well it’s your only option, but who else would you want to see? Bassnectar is one of the all time greatest dubstep artists. You’re gonna see him.

1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Amazonia Stage – Zhu – Pop/Electronic

Also your only option here. I personally like staggered sets like this. But realistically you’re only going to get to see one or the other for each stagger. I’m personally going to be skipping Zhu to see Bassnectar and Alesso. I’m just a big fan of them both, what can I say. Zhu is tremendously talented and his fame shows it.

2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Oceania Stage – Alesso – Pop/House

*** Zapp’s Pick ***

I’ve seen Alesso a few times and it’s always just great. What a way to end the night. I don’t really typically think of Bassnectar as being anyone’s opening act, so it’s strange to see someone follow him. But if anyone is fit to close out a night the right way, I’d trust Alesso.


Keep your eyes out for our article on Sunday’s shows, and check out the full Imagine schedule below!

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