MomoCon 2018: Anime, Manga, and Gaming, Oh My!

If you want to complete objectives to unlock new Fortnite rewards over the holidays, but also need to get out of your Dorito-laden hole, look no further than the Georgia World Congress Center this Memorial Day weekend. The 14th annual MomoCon is set to kick off May 24th. They are expecting to welcome over 33,000 enthusiasts in the anime, gaming, comic and costuming realms. If you are planning to attend, keep reading! Here at ATL by Day, we know “what not-to-miss!” 

MomoCon Vive

24 Hour Gaming

MomoCon has a deep connection with their fans that would make Vinny and Paulie D jealous. What MomoCon does right is that they keep their ears open. They have a willingness to give patrons what they deserve. For example, for the first time in its history, Momocon will dedicate 140,000 square feet for 24 hours of gaming. Gaming will include PC/LAN gaming, console tournaments, console free-play, classic arcade, board gaming, card gaming, RPGs, and even LARP. Now that sounds like fun!

Indie Game Awards

There is a certain pompous self-satisfaction that you might get by being ‘in the know’ and now is your chance.  Get an inside peek, raise your nose and get a head start on the action. This year, Momocon will be introducing 48 indie games to the masses. A good strategy to have the most fun? Pay close attention to the top 4 finalists before you start, and play from there! You will get to pick up on some insider tricks and strategies from the top players. 

MomoCon Gundam
MomoCon started with Anime and Manga like Mobile Suit Gundam, but it’s so much more!

Cosplay Contest

I tried my hand at a sewing machine once and guess what happened?  I sewed my index and middle finger together instead of the cloth, but how does this apply to cosplay?  Well, cosplay takes time, hard work and studying the craft, just like sewing.  There are twenty-one different events and workshops dedicated to the cosplay, including “Male Cosplay for Feminine Cosplayers.” Cosplay is an art, and what better way to show your dedication to it than by participating in the cosplay contest?  A bonus event you won’t want to miss is the late night Cosplay dance battle that takes part on Saturday night.


What would a comic convention be without your dose of entertainers from the geek universe on a panel?  Actors from all walks of life, including voice actors, game developers, comic book artists, prop makers, costumers, animators, video gamers and the like will be among the esteemed Momocon panel.  Okay I’m exhausted from all the fun now, but you get my drift. There is a panel for every one of the 114+ presenters. This is why it’s important to go ahead and get familiar with the schedule and layout of the floor so you won’t miss what’s important to you. I personally won’t miss the voice actor Chris Sabat from Dragon Ball Z, if you know what I’m Saiyan. Even more exciting, this year they have a stronger emphasis on YouTubers by welcoming 25+ guests from the streaming titan!

The Construction Zone by Atlanta Brick Company

MomCon is an event for all ages. Parents are encouraged to bring their children. Kids under 9 year old get in free and all adult content is absent. The additional bonus is that the convention is located next to all the Atlanta family attractions , including our favorite: those adorable belugas at the Georgia aquarium. So if you brought your youngster, you might want to set some time to visit the construction zone where you can find 1,000 pounds of LEGO® pieces available for freestyle building. I highly advise wearing shoes in this room. There is no greater agony than stepping on a rouge LEGO® bare footed.

If you don’t have Memorial Day plans, you should absolutely check out MomoCon. Or rather, let me say that again, You absolutely should be planning to visit MomoCon that weekend. The event spans over four days, so if you want to swing by, you could get a single day pass. Heck, you might decide you love it so much that you want to get a job there. Check out the Momocon career fair on Thursday and just might!

Did we miss something?  We’d love to hear your tips or suggestions if so! 

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