Ponce City Farmer’s Market Kicks Off

Ponce City Market’s new Farmer’s Market launched this past Tuesday in typical PCM fashion. I’m talking about the boutique, niche, yet somehow “gotta have it” qualities of basically everything Ponce City has to offer. Of course, the market is also adjacent to the Beltline, so you’re going to get the expected joggers, fitness enthusiasts, and family crowds strolling by. These two worlds coming together create a small ecosystem under the Shed, which is unlike any Farmer’s Market I’ve seen to date.

The Ponce City Farmer’s Market is held in the Shed, between PCM and the Beltline. Getting to the Shed can be a bit of a hassle for people who don’t already know what it Shed is. I also imagine there’s a wealth of people that have been to the Beltline, have been to PCM, and have physically BEEN IN the Shed, and yet still have no damn clue what the Shed is. The Shed is as pictured below – the stainless steel awning structure outside the walkway that runs between the Beltine and PCM’s 2nd floor. In my opinion, it’s more Beltline than PCM, so I would suggest anyone going there to take the scenic route along the Beltline.

Ponce City Market The Shed
The Shed at Ponce City Market can be tough to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

I took advantage of a parking promotion from Mountain High Outfitters, and then took some shortcuts through two parking decks to emerge into daylight right outside the Shed. It’s a route I didn’t mind…but wouldn’t recommend. You could also take the scenic PCM path, going up to the 2nd floor and then along the walkway to the Beltline.

In terms of atmosphere, this Farmer’s Market has a very similar feel as the rest of Ponce City Market. Compared to your typical Piedmont Park Green Market or Freedom Farmer’s Market where you would come to do your week’s grocery shopping – and maybe peruse some artisanal goods – the PCM Farmer’s Market is more of a boutique destination. This is no different from the rest of Ponce City Market; with its H&F Burger stand, Cookie Dough bar, and numerous high fashion shops, PCM prides itself on its boutique image. This blends nicely with the Beltline’s atmosphere as there is a yoga class adjacent to the market and runners passing by throughout the market’s peak hours.

The Whole Dog Market
Dog treats galore at the whole dog market! I got my pup some beef chewies.

The vendors at the PCM Farmer’s Market include some you’ll see at other markets around town, such as Proof Bake Shop, Levity Farms, and Formaggio Cheeses, as well as some new faces including The Whole Dog Market, So Good Pasta, Golda Kombucha, and King of Pops. In addition to great vendors, the market had a small petting zoo (goats!) from The Living Gift Market, a Chef Sampler, and a children’s play area. The Chef Sampler was particularly interesting, with a delicious grilled cheese sampler on the menu comprised of ingredients from various vendors at the market that day, like cheese from Formaggio and Levity kale!

Although these are all great vendors we’ve come to love, I did notice some food groups missing from what I would expect at a complete market, such as meats and deeper selections of fruits and vegetables. So my assessment is this: this is not the Farmer’s Market for your day-to-day grocery shopping. This is, again, in line with my assessment for the rest of PCM; it’s an ideal location to enjoy a night out, eat some great food, and indulge in some high-style shopping but I would not consider it a reasonable daily shopping destination for the average Atlanta resident.

Ponce City Market Opening Day
Eating Local at Ponce City Farmer’s Market!

The prices at the PCM Farmer’s Market were more reasonable than most of PCM, but its selection was too small to be a complete grocery solution. My hope is that as the Farmer’s Market goes on, it will gain more popularity and attract a variety of vendors. In its current form, I would highly recommend the Ponce City Farmer’s Market to anyone in the area, strolling the Beltline, or exploring Ponce City Market that wants to try something new and different. I would also recommend it as a trip for anyone living in nearby apartments who may want a change-up from their usual grocery chains.

Personally, I enjoyed my trip! It was a nice after-work stop to relax and explore, and I picked up some great food. For myself, I purchased some pasta from So Good Pasta, an up-and-coming local pasta company. For my pup, I picked up some beef treats from The Whole Dog Market. We both ate well!

So Good Pasta Ravioli
Dinner was a delicious Four Cheese Ravioli from So Good Pasta, complete with cooking instructions!

So come check out the Ponce City Market Farmer’s Market, enjoy the views, and get some great food. We don’t recommend it as your one-stop-shop grocery destination, but if you’re already in that boutique PCM mindset, you’re in for a treat. Vendors take card and cash, and double EBT if you’re on SNAP.

We hope to see you there!

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