A Special Thanks to Reddit

As our website is brand-spankin’-new and we’re just launching this week, I thought I’d ask for some feedback on one of the web’s most active sites, Reddit.com.

For those not so familiar, Reddit is “the frontpage of the internet”, with everything from cute pictures of cats to conspiracy theories to pictures like this one from u/wooooah_garfield:

Simply astounding.

Reddit truly a melting pot of the most diverse communities around the world. One of those most active communities is our own, at r/Atlanta. I posted here early Monday morning to ask for feedback on our site, and the community responded in true Atlanta fashion.

Within hours, we had comments, messages, and emails through the roof with subjects including:

  • Site feature comments and recommendations (see our new “Submit event” page),
  • New events to add (tons!),
  • Local artists and businesses looking to collaborate (stay posted),
  • and ATL residents looking to help (!!)

On top of it all, our post gave us initial launch traffic that can only be called a success, with over 3000 visitors and almost 10,000 page views!

Google Analytics Data
Thank you Reddit for a successful site launch!

We want to thank Reddit’s r/Atlanta, everyone that reached out to us thereafter, and anyone that followed us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or joined our Newsletter for making our site launch a success.

We hope to keep more great content coming for all of you, so stay posted and spread the word!

One thought on “A Special Thanks to Reddit

  1. Thanks for creating the page, and I’m so happy to hear Reddit’s impact. The site is great – responsive, clean looking, and most of all – GREAT content. I’ve been wanting a site like this for ages, so thank you!

    Shameless plug here – if you plan on visiting any of these great events – check out my Weather Site East Cobb Weather. It’s a great companion page to this one, letting you check the weather forecast and current conditions for Atlanta!


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